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Tuesday, January 18


Texas steals Auburn Defensive Coordinator

In what I consider to be a stunning coup d’etat, Texas has lured Auburn defensive guru Gene Chizik to become its next defensive coordinator. Chizik, 43, was the coach who led Auburn’s spectacular defense to a 13-0 season and Sugar Bowl victory. Auburn was the nation’s #1 defense in terms of scoring, allowing a measly 11.3 points per game.

This is a real feather in Mack Brown's cap. For all the criticism he endures for his struggles in big games, he has built a monster of a program. When you can steal away a top SEC team's defensive coordinator, not to be your head coach, but to be your own defensive coordinator, you've really got something special going.

The disappointment over the loss of Greg Robinson, who was hired to be Syracuse’s head coach, immediately dissipates for Horns fans. Chizik is not only Robinson’s equal; he is, in many minds, superior. Texas fans now only have to wonder if Greg Davis can ever figure out how to score against Oklahoma. If so, Texas could finally find itself with a chance to play for the national championship. Texas had never played in the Rose Bowl prior to this year. Why not make it two in a row?

Would this be comparable to stealing defensive guru Carl Reese from LSU? He was a whiz-bang SEC D/C who halted Spurrier's win streak, upsetting the defending national champs. If I'm correct, that was in 1997 and Reese came to Austin in 1998.

Was Reese a feather in Mack's cap?
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