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Thursday, January 13


Filling Robinson's shoes

Plenty of rumors floating about as to who might replace Robinson. The latest speculation can be found here.

Love the site, if I haven't already said that. Ok I am going to ramble a bit: Let me hit back to the volunteer pigskiners for a second and then we can move on to BBALL on this site. But for now, my final thoughts for the season: (I realize these comments are completely irrelevant to this specific post):
1. Rose bowl was the best UT game I have ever seen. Beat out the 1996 big XXII game. OK state game ranks in my top 5. Not a bad season to be a horns fan.
2. Will miss Robinson dearly. His dismantling of TTech was a first in a while. Nice job Mack on finding him.
3. Another year, another returning class of seniors. When was the last time we had one of ours go early? Very good sign of a solid program. See article:
To pass on the bucks and stay for your fourth is a sign of a quality program.

Bottom line is that 2004 was Mack's redemption year. There are a lot of good programs out there, but the Longhorns are the ones continually in the upper echelon, and we are doing it w/o any black eyes to the University (FSU, OSU, AL, UTenn...). Sure we are no Oklahoma, but trust me it ain't a bad feeling to be a horns fan in SEC country now.

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