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Monday, December 6


Texas to Rose Bowl

Texas is smelling roses after enough voters changed their minds to move Texas ahead of Cal in the BCS standings. Cal is understandably upset, but the Horns have felt this pain before and this team deserves its moment in the sun. Whether or not its lobbyist/coach does is another question, but Iā€™m happy for the team.

As for the game, it should be a good one against a solid, though unspectacular, Michigan team. (Note to reader EMB: you may own me in 1980s trivial pursuit, but my football team is going to trounce yours...)

Title: Bears are Bitches
ā€œ I thought it was a little classless how Coach Brown was begging for votes after the [Texas A&M] game. I think a team's record and the way you play should speak for itself, and you shouldn't have to complain about the BCS system. ā€ā€” Cal QB Aaron Rodgers
That's not the point. Cal lost votes b/c Cal was finally getting watched by some east coast voters on Saturday night, and Cal looked bad. Hey Aaron, when your were throwing 0 for 7 in second half against a mediocre- at best - USM defense, were you thinking that was going to look good??
"If yesterday's game was the game that turned anybody's head, then that's sad, because it's about a season," - Tedford
Yes it was about your struggle with USM. Every game counts, especially your last one on national television, and if you suck when people are watching that is probably going to be bad for your AP & ESPN poll rankings. What is all this anti-Texas sentiment for?? They went down in the polls b/c they looked crappy.
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