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Thursday, December 2


Bittersweet Commitment

Well, a bit of bittersweet news for Horns fans. Ryan Perrilloux the nation’s top quarterback recruit, announced that he is going to go to play for UT. Unfortunately, his commitment comes with a caveat: he won’t come if there are any coaching changes on Mack Brown’s staff.

I take that to mean that he wants Greg Davis to be around.

Why he wants Davis around is beyond me. Is he watching the same offensive football team that the rest of us are? The Davis-led offense I see gets by on having a great running game. Has Greg Davis done anything to bolster Vince Young’s chances to be an NFL quarterback? At this point, Young is barely looking capable of remaining UT’s quarterback. Young is an amazing athlete, and he makes good throws from time to time, but he’s wildly inconsistent and he throws from an awkward side angle.

This is the same Greg Davis-led offense that consistently gets stymied by bright coaches with good defensive schemes. I have no problem with placing an emphasis on the run, but Texas has become one-dimensional, and in every single big game over the last five years, our offense has been overly conservative and largely impotent. College cornerbacks and safeties cannot consistently shut down a good passing game. Unless it's Greg Davis calling the plays.

I don’t doubt that this Perrilloux kid has tremendous talent, but it’s already time to start questioning his judgment…

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