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Friday, November 26


Much to be thankful for...

Deep breath, we have a lot to be thankful for. I just returned from the A&M game, a hard fought, yet commanding 26-13 victory. Anyone who watched the entire game would agree. First the overview, this is a 10-1 football team with quality home wins versus Oklahoma State and A&M and quality road wins at Texas Tech and at Arkansas. This is the second place team in the Big 12 South and really the second place team in the Big 12. Texas has just one loss this season, a 12 point one to, I believe, the best team in the country on a neutral field in a rivalry game. We are the best one loss team in the country and deserve a BCS berth but will likely end up in Dallas once again. We have lots to be thankful for.

I am thankful for the Texas defense. This afternoon, they shut down a prolific Aggie offense holding them to just one score. This was not a one dimensional Aggie offense of old featuring Bucky Richardson or Greg Hill in the backfield and wide receivers only on the field to block. The Aggies have a throw it down the field mentality that stretches the defense vertically just enough to allow McNeil to beat you with his feet when you least expect it. The Texas defense stepped up, especially in the second half. We looked a little lost in the first half with the secondary playing way too far off Aggie wide outs. We were more reactive than proactive. We tried to keep the ball in front of us fearing the big play capabilities the Aggies have shown all season. The second half was just the opposite. We forced the action finishing with eight sacks and a defensive goose egg after halftime. The Aggies were the ones who looked lost. Greg Robinson take a bow.

I am thankful for DKR Texas Memorial Stadium and its fans. The home schedule looked weak this year with Rice and North Texas from out of the conference and no K St or Nebraska from inside. But Texas fans showed up every game and were as loud this afternoon as they have been in years. We forced McNeil and the Aggie offense into repeated delay of game penalties and never allowed the Aggies anything to yell about. I couldn't even hear their band from my seats. With sixty thousand season ticket holders, perpetual sellouts, and eye catching co-eds in burnt orange, Texas has an established home field advantage. This year's seniors finished with just one loss at home. Impressive. We may not have the loudest fans or the smartest, (the woman behind me asked if the flag was for tackling too early), but Texas fans take a bow.

I am thankful for the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry. Yes, it has been considerably one sided recently, but we still consider OU a rival. I love going to the games. The hatred is based in respect. I love the intensity. I love seeing the maroon and white visit Austin. Call me a Nazi if you must, but I love watching the Fighting Texas Aggie Band. I love hearing about Bonfire and yell practice and remember the pride I felt during the Hex Rally. I love traveling to College Station and walking on the grass and singing poor Aggies after we win. I love that this game has tradition and oozes desire. I love that there is always something to look forward to the day after Thanksgiving. I love that no matter the records or bowl berths, this game always means something. Take a bow college football--this is what it is all about.

I am thankful for Derrick Johnson and Cedric Benson. There haven't been two more important players in recent memory. DJ is the best defensive player in the country. You only have to watch him for a few plays to agree with me. He changes games. He changes the way offenses scheme instead of the other way around. A&M continually tried to take him out of the game early on forcing him to cover a slot receiver in their four wide out set. DJ takes the challenge and succeeds. He still dominated the game from sideline to sideline. He should sweep all the defense awards this season and will make some NFL team extremely happy and instantly better. And Cedric Benson dominated yet another game. Texas is undefeated when he rushes for over 100 yards. He is among the all time leaders in yards and touchdowns scored. He is the backbone of our offense. I can't even and don't want to imagine where we would be without him. He has never been the flashiest player in the country, but is arguably the best back in the country. For the last four years Johnson and Benson have been nothing short of amazing and have led this Texas team to win after win. And other than breaking down an apartment door in search of what was rightfully his, Benson has been a source of pride for all those who wear orange. We salute both of you and thank you.

Another great regular season completed and only the BCS debate and our bowl game remain. I didn't know about this team walking to the stadium this afternoon. They snuck by Kansas and sleep walked through the first half against Oklahoma State. But I am convinced, this is a very good Texas football team. A team with true character. A team with stand out players on both sides of the ball. A team that is fun to root for. And a team that is worthy of a BCS bowl bid. Here's to another great season of ten plus wins, home sellouts, a bowl bid, and a brighter future. We have a lot to be thankful for.

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