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Thursday, December 2


This is too much...

I apologize for carping excessively about all this BCS stuff, but it’s just insane. This morning I was outraged to learn that an idiot named Neal McCready, who writes for the Mobile (Ala.) Register, ranked Texas NINTH, behind Utah, Louisville, Boise State, and, get this…

IOWA. Yep, you read that right. Iowa. Of the "Big" 10. Unfreakingbelievable.

What's the solution to the problem of the human element playing too big a role?

Weigh the computer polls more heavily?

Double the number of media voters, so instead of one guy with a grudge against Texas, we have two?

Do like gymnastics and diving, and throw out the highest and lowest votes for each team?

It doesn't seem like there are many good ways to discount the influence of someone like McCready, who certainly is entitled to his opinion as a voter.

Seems to me the only proactive step is to demand accountability on the coaches' part, by making them disclose their votes.

As an AP voter, McCready has a right to his opinion - and a right to vote his conscience - even if it seems unconscionable. No matter how much you want to bombard this guy with e-mails, if he really believes Iowa is better than Texas, then that's the way he should vote.

I am interested to hear your thoughts on what future BCS tweaks, if any, could curb one lone dissenter's influence on a multi-million-dollar bowl bid.
That situation should never be able to occur. I don't know how to fix the system, besides a possible 8 team playoff, but I totally disagree with the person who posted the previous comment. As an AP voter, he is not entitled to his own opinion. He is entitled to make as objective of rankings as possible. This is not like voting for president, when crackheads' votes count the same as well informed voters. He has a vote because he is supposed to know something about sports, yet he chooses to vote like a crackhead. That is not what the AP wants. That's fine, though, the more negative publicity of this system, the better. Surely it will eventually provoke change.
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