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Friday, December 3



Loyal reader Travis Richmond offers this insane scenario to contemplate:

Imagine this scenario:

USC loses to UCLA
Auburn loses to Tennessee
OU loses to Colorado
Cal beats Southern Mississippi.

The new AP poll would be:
1. Cal
2. Utah
3. Texas
4-6. OU/Auburn/USC (any order, depends on how bad eachteam's loss is)

However, the BCS would look like this:

1. OU (ranked as top 1-loss team b/c they beat BCS #2)
2. Texas (We're already #4 in most computers, and we pass Cal with only one upset, everyone already agrees, pass other 1-loss teams b/c of polls, and our only loss is to #1 OU)
3. Auburn (SEC is better than Pac10 in computers)
4. USC (#1 now because of polls, remains ahead of Cal b/c of head-to-head win)
5. Cal (drops as expected b/c one upset and they're doomed to #5 in BCS)
6. Utah (still #6)

And here's the fun part:
Orange Bowl (BCS title game): #1 OU vs. #2 Texas (both at-large)
Rose: USC (Pac10) vs Michigan (Big10)
Sugar Tennessee (SEC) vs. Miami/VT winner (ACC)
Fiesta: Pitt (Big East) vs. Utah (at-large automatic, non-BCS school in top 6)

That leaves out:
Colorado (Big 12 champ, but no more than 2 from one conference can go no matter what, and #1 vs. #2 for the title trumps EVERYTHING, sent to Cotton Bowl)
Cal (#1 team in the AP poll, sent to Holiday Bowl to play Texas A&M)
Auburn: (#3 team in BCS but can't get at-large BCS b/c of OU and Texas, sent to Cotton Bowl to play Colorado)

It could happen. It's unlikely all three unbeatens lose, but it happened in 1998. Should it happen again and two non-conference champions be in position toplay for the national title, there would be total chaos on Sunday.
----You can read other commentary from Travis Richmond on his blog at http://travisrichmond.blogspot.com----

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