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Thursday, December 30


Brown gets extension, raise

Head football coach Mack Brown got what was an expected raise and contract extension in a package that will keep him at UT for another 10 years and keep his salary at the third highest in the nation (behind only Oklahoma's Bob Stoops and Auburn's Tommy Tuberville).

There are a number of ways to look at this. Viewed through one lens, this deal makes a lot of sense. The Horns are 69-19 in Brown's seven seasons at Texas and are consistently finishing in the top 10 nationally. This year's season ends with Texas in a BCS Bowl. Brown continues to rake in elite recruiting classes. Perhaps most importantly from the university's perspective, the football program is bringing a ton of money to the school. With expenditures of only $9 million this year, the football program has brought in $55 million in revenue. If we're evaluating Brown as the program's CEO, there's no reason not to keep him around.

However, this is not just a business (though the college sport seems to be increasingly more of one each year). Winning matters. Specifically, beating Oklahoma matters.
I've said before that I don't think it's particularly fair to only evaluate Brown's performance based on his (in)ability to beat OU. But I also believe that some serious questions should be raised when he seemingly has no ability to recognize that his offensive coordinator is not getting the job done. I understand Mack's loyalty to his staff, and there really is something to be said for that. Nevertheless, when you're being paid over $2 million dollars per year, you should expect a certain critical scrutiny.

And if we're going to keep Mack around because it's good for business, we shouldn't shy away fro evaluating some of his business decisions. Keeping Greg Davis around appears to be a decision based on loyalty, not business. The criticism is fair game and I hope that Davis either improves his performance or Mack turns elsewhere for an offensive coordinator.


UT Athletic Director Deloss Dodds announced that Mack Brown will receive anadditional $100k per year and a contract extension through 2014. Why? I know Bean questioned this when it was just a rumor. I am seriously questioning it now.

Yes, Brown has done a good job with consistent ten win seasons, solid recruiting, and a program with a foundation in integrity. Yes, Brown has taken UT to seven straight bowl games and broke through this year with a BCS berth. Yes, we have more season ticket holders than ever before, sell out every game, and have a large national following.

But where was he going? I don't think there is a job in college football that wouldbe more intriguing to him. If he were to coach a school in Florida and lose perennially to an arch rival, he would be fired. Texas is a top notch job, just like OU, Miami, FSU, Tennessee, Michigan, and USC. Outside of LSU, there is no way a top notch program would make an offer to Mack. And I have never heard him mention the NFL, not that there is much chance he would be considered at all. College coaches who win games but not championships do not get NFL offers. National championship winners--Saban, Butch Davis, Dennis Erickson, Steve Spurrier--do. I don't have that much of a problem with the 100k bump; that is really nothing considering his base is over $2 million.

But why extend the contract? He was already locked in until 2011. Mack is set to survive at least two presidential administrations. We've had a great year. 10-1 is a fantastic year. It has been asked before: how do we want to measure success? If wins and bowl trips is all we desire, then extend Mack a lifelong contract, a la Paterno or Krzyzewski (although they have a few titles, I seem to remember). But if we want conference and national championships or at least a divisional championship, then we probably shouldn't be mortgaging our future just yet. I love Texas football and I am still not satisfied.


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