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Tuesday, January 4


Texas 89 UNLV 82

P.J. Tucker is back. After a rather awkward start to the year in which he struggled to adjust to his new position on the wing, Tucker is back to his scrappy, dominating self. Texas (10-2) used Tucker’s 25 points and 14 rebounds to hold off visiting UNLV 89-82 on Tuesday night. Forwards Brad Buckman and Jason Klotz each contributed 14 points in the paint while guards Daniel Gibson and Kenny Taylor added 12 and 10 points, respectively.

Tucker is not only back to his freshman form, but he appears to be even better. He’s still the quickest player to the rim in the country and he has an indomitable will to score. You really have to give Rick Barnes credit for finding this gem. Tucker was not highly recruited and he’s not even from Texas. That he’s here in Austin, and clearly the best player on the team, is a real notch on Barnes’ belt.

The only cause for concern here is Daniel Gibson's nine turnovers. There's no doubt that this Texas team is better than last year's and a big part of that is the presence of a true point guard. But Gibson is very much still a freshman but he's going to have to solidify his play during conference play if the Horns are going to be in peak shape for the tourney in March.

Texas now prepares for Dickie V madness and ESPN2’s debut of their hi-definition broadcast on Thursday night against Memphis. Here’s to hoping Horns fans show up in droves and make some noise.

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