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Monday, November 7



The folks at MackBrown-TexasFootball.com have officially kicked the Vince for Heisman campaign into high gear, as there's now The Vince Young Page.

There you can learn "Vince Vitals," check the "Vince Wire," and read "Vince Features."

It's on now.


I wonder what the highest number of INTs thrown in a season for a Heisman-winning QB is. This may be the season the record is broken.
I may have answered my question by finding out that Chris Weinke threw 11 in his Heisman season, so maybe Vince will not have to worry about such a distinction.
I have V.Y. number 1 on my Heisman lists. I really think he is more exciting to watch than Bush who I have at number 3.
all i can say is i am ashamed of vince as 6to7 wks ago he said he was comming back to school and now he smells money and he forgets about his team mates. shame on you. it is about the money so say it tell the truth.
Whats up vinceyoung I was looking forward of meeting you this summer when I was In Austin,TExas baby at UT with my cousin TonyHills I herd him talking to you some day but go head and hook'em horns VY ok boy and I am 11 going on 12
Vince young is NASTY!!!!!!!!!!He is so good
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