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Tuesday, November 1


RT at RB

From Kirk Bohls today:

With all the injuries, Brown almost has the help-wanted sign out.

Whether it's his ankle or cramps, Jamaal Charles hasn't been healthy in about a month.

Selvin Young, a PPO's worst nightmare, is back in the medical ward with ankle issues.

Chris Ogbonnaya had his turn Saturday, and so did Henry Melton, who after a solid start is looking more and more like a great defensive end all the time.

That leaves Ramonce Taylor, who has finally begun to tear the lid off his potential and looks like the best bet to inherit the bulk of the carries out of Texas' offense. Brown said Taylor will get more practice time and could see more playing time at running back than at receiver.

"I guess we'll have to do that," Brown said. "We can't plan on Jamaal making it through a game because he hasn't been able to do it. Selvin's banged up. Chris gets banged up. That's something we'll have to consider."


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