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Monday, October 3


Young for MVP

I think it’s time for the Vince Young Heisman talk to subside a bit. I mean, it already has on its own to some extent, but I really see him as a long shot at this point. We just don’t have any big games left for him to showcase himself, save possibly Oklahoma. Young’s best hope is a Leinart and Bush splitting the USC vote. Even so, I just don’t see him winning with the way we play. We run the ball so well that there’s no need to pass. Anyway, the awards don’t matter. We want the wins.

With that said, my good friend Adam made an interesting point during the Missouri game on Saturday. He said, “Vince Young may not be the Heisman trophy winner, but he ought to be the MVP.” I asked him to explain what he meant, and he made a compelling argument.

Adam argued that Leinart will probably win the Heisman, but he noted (correctly, I think) that Texas would be a worse team if we had Matt Leinart as our quarterback. I had to think about that for a second, but it’s a valid point. With our lack of game breakers at wide receiver, would we be better off with Leinart or Vince Young? I think we’re clearly better with Young. His running/athletic talents do more for our offense than Mr. Golden Arm could do. Young is so difficult to defend because he’s so versatile. You don’t see Matt Leinart breaking 40 yard runs for touchdowns. What you see is a great thrower surrounded by tremendous skill players.

In that context, there’s no one more valuable to his team than Vince Young is to Texas. He’s always the giant elephant in the room, with that ridiculous ability to make a big play any time he touches the ball. He’s our MVP, maybe all of college football’s MVP—Heisman or not.


The Young for MVP arguement holds especially true when you consider what a team is without said player. If USC loses either Leinart or Bush, they're ok. If Leinart goes out, Booty can still get the ball to the talent. If Bush goes down, LenDale can EASILY pick up the load. If Young goes down and we have to play Nordgren, we suddenly become a very average team, a team that obviously can't be Ohio State, but doubtfully could could beat Tech or OU.
I'm not sure what you've been watching or reading, but Vince for Heisman talk has picked up, not decreased. A long shot? He's no lower than #3 on any list that I've seen, and a number of writers and broadcasters have him at 2 or 1. How is that a long shot? I can guarantee if he has another solid, not even huge, game this week and Texas blows out OU, he'll be fighting with Bush for that top spot. Never, ever underestimate the power of Texas' publicity machine. It's an absolute force to be reckoned with.
- Eric
I think that's fair, Eric, and I probably did understate his chances of winning it. I guess I just see it being a difficult road for him, as we have very few chances left to spotlight him. I think we'll see a lot of the talk turning to Texas not playing many high quality opponents, save Ohio State, which will hurt his candidacy.

That said, you're right, the Texas publicity machine is quite a force. We wouldn't have been in the Rose Bowl last year without it. Still, while Vince may not be a longshot, I don't see him winning it. I'll be thrilled to be proved wrong.

Vince would probably need USC to implod a bit. A loss to Cal or Notre Dame with bad games by Leinart and Bush would probably do the trick.
A USC loss is not as improbable as I thought it was last week. ASU had 4 interceptions in the second half, and USC only won by 10, and it was closer than the score said. Bush is very good, Leinart can throw, but I think his receiving core makes him look better and he is very slow. USC will struggle at ND and maybe at Cal, who knows how good Cal is. That being said, I think Peter is right, USC needs to lose before Young gets his shot.
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