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Monday, October 17


Vote For Vince

A campaign for the Heisman Trophy is much like a political race. It’s a popularity contest, pure and simple. With that in mind, prepare for the Vince Young 2005 campaign to kick into overdrive this week.

Texas’ game against Colorado was just the start of Phase 2 of the campaign.

Vince opened Phase 1 of the campaign – “I’m a winner” - in Texas’ win at Ohio State. Then he cemented his status as a real candidate with Texas’ win over nemesis Oklahoma.

Now that the Longhorns were established as a bonafide national championship contender, Vote For Vince moved into Phase 2 – “My numbers are the best.”

Texas’ first five drives against Colorado all ended in touchdowns and a 35-10 halftime lead. Vince finished the game with a stellar line that had exactly the kind of numbers (394 total yards, 5 TDs) you expect to see from a Heisman candidate.

With most voters nationally watching (or covering) USC-ND, it was important for the highlights they showed of Texas-Colorado to be Vince-heavy. They were, in a word, overwhelming, as were his stats. This should be the case for the rest of Phase 2 of Vote For Vince.

As Texas Tech tries to force a shootout this week, Vince will have a chance to pile up even more ridiculous numbers against a team that is actually (for the moment) ranked in the Top 10. This game will go on a long time since Texas Tech will continue to pass when they get down, giving Vince and company more chances on offense. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Texas get into the 60s on Saturday, with the over/under approaching 100.

When Vince puts up similar numbers against Texas Tech to the ones he did against Colorado, he’ll leapfrog USC’s Reggie Bush and become the Heisman favorite, thanks to Texas Tech being a “Top-10 opponent.” ESPN Gameday’s appearance in Austin this week, complete with even more Vince commercials, will only help, as will ABC’s prime time broadcast of the game.

After the Texas win over Texas Tech, Vince will again be asked about the Heisman, just as he was after immediately after the Colorado game. Mack Brown wasn’t interviewed first by ABC, Vince was. And the first question wasn’t about Texas being for real. That one’s already been answered – yes. Vince was asked point blank if that was a Heisman performance. Thank you very much. The campaign is already working quite well.

Texas’ next three games after Texas Tech (Oklahoma State, Baylor and Kansas) are games that Texas can basically name the score it wants to win by. And since winning should be a given, look for the coaching staff to do all it can to win Vince some Heisman votes (while also running up the score to remain a solid #2 in the polls).

Remember, Vince winning the Heisman almost benefits the program more than it does him. Mack Brown will get credit for developing another Heisman winner (he got Ricky Williams the award in 1998) and will obviously use that to try and lure the next Vince to Austin. Ricky’s win helped lure Cedric Benson.

Plus, it would be the media’s wet dream to promote Texas-USC as the national championship game between two teams with the last two Heisman winners leading their respective teams. This should sound familiar, as it was the script used to sell OU-USC last year. The only difference is Vince Young is head and shoulders above Jason White, and that USC would be playing for its third instead of second consecutive national championship.

Phase 3 – “Closing statement” – of Vote For Vince will come against Texas A&M on Nov. 25. Of course, the Big 12 title game is the next week on Dec. 3, but USC-UCLA is also on Dec. 3. I think Vince needs to be the favorite going into that day, because Reggie Bush, who is Vince’s main challenger at this point, will use that game to make his own closing statement. Anything Vince does on Dec. 3 against a weak team from the Big 12 North probably won’t do anything to put him over the top. But leading a rout at Kyle Field to close a perfect 11-0 regular season on a day where everyone will be watching certainly could.

I think it will happen. Vince Young will beat Reggie Bush and win the 2005 Heisman Trophy.


alright this is a true dumshit. r u really serious about ya'll killing tech on saturday. because if u are ur a fuckin stupid ass bitch. this game will definately be a close one. ya'll defense isnt good enough 2 hold every single one of our recievers the number one team defensively obviously couldnt so yall better watch ya'll
asses. ohh yeah u might wanna watch out 4 dwayne slay vince, or u might start crying after u get hit. this fool has caused 6 fumbles this season. injured at least 6 or knocked them out. so texas dont think that this will be any easy game 4 ya'll b/c its goin 2be close. even if u do make it 2 the national championship there is no way u will beat usc.
thats all 4 me.
and screw u texas
Seems like Vince Young is playing in some protective bubble. But Sooner or later it'll become evident that he's not playing against any decent defenses. Either he's not playing against any decent defenses or USC, Reggie Bush and Co. are just not that good. Week in and week out both USC and Texas win, with USC struggling and Texas cruising. Is Texas' not struggling an indication of their being a better team or is it another case of the 2005 Orange bowl-blowout-bout-to-happen? Not saying that USC would blow out Texas, but it seems as though Texas isn't any better than a UCLA, Notre Dame. Bottom line, Vince Young is playing in a bubble and hasn't played against a team to even get his shirt dirty. Is he that good? I don't think so. I say that is a dangerous situation. Ask Oklahoma and how this formula failed them in the Orange bowl. Playing in a bubble.
Anonymous #1: Here in Texas, we speak English, not ebonics. Is that how they actually speak in California? I've never been there (thank GOD), but not actually excited to go. For the record, the "Bubble" that Vince is playing in is called the "Pocket". He is playing in the "Pocket" because his Offensive Line (the guys in front of him) are good. They make decent defenses look bad. That's their job and their damn good at doing it. (And wasn't it Leinert that was hit REAL hard by Arizona, yes 1-4 Arizona?) I'll admit that Texas hasn't played too many difficult opponents, but an average team wouldn't blow them out, they would just hang on, or even lose. As for poor Dwayne: let's leave your coke dealer out. If anyone on SC has caused 6 fumbles, great. DJ caused 9 last year and Texas' defense is better this year. No one on our team has that many because the offense just doesn't run that many plays. It's what we call "keeping the offense off the field." It's a trick we like to use to win. It seems to have worked so far. I'm not going to say that Texas is going to beat USC. We still have a schedule to play and so does SC. Hopefully, both will be the only two undefeated teams so there will be no doubt as to who belongs in the game. Then, we'll see if Vince "Can't pass" on a weak secondary. We'll see if the "Pocket" that Vince is playing in continues to grow like it has every game this year. Oh, and just a note. You better start praying that we blow out every opponent and give Vince a rest. The more Vince plays, the better he gets. See all respected journalists that unbiasly cover sports. They all agree. No one in their right mind would say Reggie Bush is not one of the best players in the country (arguably the best), but we have plenty of reason to say that Vince is the best. Where would Texas be without him? And Bush? Where would SC be without him?
From all Texans that are scattered around the world: We'll see....
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