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Monday, October 3


TX-OU week at ATL

Fear not, Longhorn fans. Full coverage of the Oklahoma game will dominate the discussion at ATL this week. We’ll continue to post thoughts and analyses on general topics, but we do plan to devote plenty of space to the preview of the game this week.

The reality is that this game, now that the Ohio State game is under our belt, is our most important game of the year. Less because Oklahoma is a great team (they’re not) and more because it’s one of the last times anyone will be paying attention to us. We’ll be expected to win every week from here on out, and there won’t be as much attention on us as our quality of opponents is rather bland.

Even though College Gameday is headed to State College for the Penn State-Ohio State showdown, opting out on the Red River Shootout for the first time in forever, people will watch closely to see if Texas and Mack Brown can bury their demons this week. We’ll be breaking the game down all week here, complete with analysis and predictions. Here’s a hint: we think Texas is going to win. For those that are interested, the line opened up with Texas a 14 point favorite. I expect that number to drop over the course of the week.


Actually, wasnt college gameday somewhere else last year, i remember the ABC sports guys were there but i couldve sworn gameday wasnt.
Im happy i bet this game before the season started when Texas was favored by 2.5. I guess i got a deal. Hook em Horns
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