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Tuesday, October 25


Top of the world

I know that things may change sooner or later (probably sooner), and the computers may drop us a bit after we take out the trash over the next few weeks, but as of today, I cannot tell you how great it feels to be able to say this:

We're #1!

From the fine folks at MackBrown-TexasFootball.com: The last time the Longhorns were ranked No. 1 in either The Associated Press or Coaches Poll was Oct. 8, 1984. That week, Texas was No. 1 in both major polls.

It's been over 21 years. Everything has changed so much since then, and for a while I have to admit I was skeptical if the Longhorns would ever return to the top of the college football world.

Now they have.

Yes, the national championship game looms large down the road, as does the Big 12 championship game on Dec. 3, which should bring home Mack Brown's first conference championship. But this week should be a celebration of the Texas Longhorns and their return to glory.

Remember, 4-7 was not that long ago. Rout 66 still burns. I think Quentin Griffin just scored again. But those demons now are long gone.

USC can talk 29 consecutive wins and all that jazz, but for the 2005 season alone, the Texas Longhorns have been the best team in all the land, as the current BCS ranking reflects.

Even if the unthinkable happens and the Horns stumble before the Rose Bowl, I am so proud of the team and the program to have achieved this milestone. The 2005 season has already been a success, as evident by the checklist at the bottom of this blog. Reaching #1 in the rankings is just another accolade earned along the way.

And now, the journey to the national championship continues ...


You know, in some ways, I hope that UT does at least get to the championship game and, win or lose, will then crawl back into their hole for another 20+ years.
Honestly, UT has been off the college football radar for so long that you've become irrelevant...like the Texas Rangers baseball team. To have you now coming out of the woodwork is like having the strange cousin at the family Christmas party suddenly start talking about their beautiful girlfriend when the only thing you've ever seen him do is sit in the corner with the little kids picking his nose!
You guys need the practice so go ahead and proclaim yourselves to be number 1. Meanwhile, the rest of the real college football world will just be laughing at you behind your back.
Have fun, though.
hey tr, don't even say "if we stumble before the rose bowl", you and all other longhorn fans have proclamed 2005 texas football as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Don't even set yourself up for an excuse if texas loses. Young's lame heisman pose and texas fans smack talking will be quieted in the rose bowl. You have disounted virginia tech, and most importantly USC. You better pray Texas is playing this good at the end of the season or the rose bowl opponent will do what Oklahoma does to Texas every year, embarass them.
And who do you jerkoffs root for? I notice you forgot to mention. And douche bag number two doesn't even have the guts to leave his name. Look, your jealousy and fear of the Texas program is duly noted. Since you can't come with facts that dispute Texas' greatness, you come with very weak shit talk. We all know you're scared. It's ok. Hug your dreamy Matt Leinert poster and everything will be just fine. Hey, the Lakers start up any day now! Still plenty of time for you to get on that bandwagon, too.
- Eric
"USC can talk 29 consecutive wins and all that jazz, but for the 2005 season alone, the Texas Longhorns have been the best team in all the land, as the current BCS ranking reflects."

Considering the slim nature of Texas's lead in the BCS ranking and the relative strengths of the remainders of the Trojans' and the Longhorns' schedules, I hope All Things Longhorn doesn't change it's tune when USC regains the #1 spot in the BCS ranking in the coming weeks.
Bryan, I agree that the school out west will again retain the number 1 spot in the BCS poll soon (due to SOS). As long as UT is in the top 2, we will be able to prove our point on the field, where it matters. SC is living on the strength of last years team all year long. They are a good team. No doubt. They wouldn't be undefeated. But if the polls did not take into account the 20+ games prior to this year, then they really wouldn't be that close in the polls. Give credit where credit is due. USC's team last year was great. This year, they're pretty good. Top 5 even. But don't compare them to last years team. A lot of people aren't playing this year that were last year. And Texas has a MUCH better team than last year. I love it how SC fans love to point to a 29 game winning streak. Most of which happened before this year. Did you notice that no one mentions Texas' winning streak? That's because it really doesn't matter. Most were from last year. This year is what matters.

John, my point was that the above quote implied that the BCS ranking reflects which team is the best, which I don't believe is necessarily true. If you make a statement like that, you have to be willing to stick with it even if your team loses the top spot. But, ike you say, it's all immaterial as long as you're in one of the top two spots. That's not a foregone conclusion for either team with 5 games each to go.

BTW, maybe the polls are taking into account the fact that USC played five of its first seven on the road, and three ranked teams on the road.
Hey Eric, Texas needs to give some respect. No one has beaten USC in 29 games, USC should be acknowledged and respected as the best team in college football.No other reasons, its as simple as that. And don't give me that crap about Texas playing better this season. USC is taking everyone's best shot and still winning. Teams play Texas because they are on the schedule, while teams play USC to knock off the number 1 team in the nation. And no one gives a flying shit about the BCS except people in Texas, everyone in southern california knows USC will be waiting to crush Texas in the Rose Bowl. So while Eric and his longhorn buddies hopes rest on vince young's legs, everyone should sit back and realize that USC is number 1 until someone knocks them off. Save the Texas greatness crap for another day, if that day ever shows up. And God help Texas if Vince Young goes down, they are yet to experience the injury bug that USC has. And by the way, the Lakers suck.
First off, Texas doesn't owe anybody anything. And I'll be damned, after reading the arrogant, ignorant garbage that its near-illiterate fans have been spewing, if I’m going to give the condoms of USC any respect. Watch other teams play. Learn something about college football. Then come comment. I know it's exciting that you folks just discovered this new sport a couple of years ago, but try and keep up, ok?
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