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Wednesday, October 5


The Top 10

Texas is going to destroy Oklahoma on Saturday, and here are the 10 men who will be most responsible for our victory in the Cotton Bowl.

  1. Billy Pittman. He’s come out of nowhere to emerge as Vince’s favorite downfield target. When OU starts to creep up to stop Texas’ running machine, look for Pittman to break free deep for a 50-yard plus TD.
  1. David Thomas. When the game is close (in the first quarter), Thomas will be there to make some key catches and extend drives. He hasn’t done too much this year, but he’s still our most polished receiver. He’s also the Horns’ best red zone target.
  1. Michael Huff. The guy can play anywhere in the secondary and can cover any receiver OU puts out there. Probably the best bet to score on defense for Texas.
  1. Ramonce Taylor. The X-factor. He’s Texas’ Reggie Bush, and you’ve got to think the coaches will plan on getting the ball in his hands by any means necessary. He’s the most explosive player on the team. Watch out for a pass from Ramonce to Vince. It worked last year for 48 yards, and a nice catch by Vince would be a great addition to his Heisman audition tape.
  1. Aaron Harris. Harris is making us (almost) forget about DJ. With inexperienced linebackers on either side of him, Harris has shown tremendous leadership and will probably have around 15 tackles this game. Is also the betting favorite to knock out the gimpy Peterson or Bomar, who has said he doesn’t like to slide. He’ll be rethinking that philosophy after a few hits from Harris.
  1. Jamaal Charles. While Vince gets the hype, it’s a good bet that Bob Stoops is up late worrying about how to stop Charles. His speed is something OU hasn’t had to worry about in years past (Benson was slower), and Charles’ unbelievable balance is something beautiful to see. Over 100 all-purpose yards is a safe assumption.
  1. Jonathan Scott. The anchor of the offensive line gives Vince all day to do his thing. Have you ever seen Vince blindsided? I didn’t think so. Scott will get his due and when he’s a top 10 pick in the NFL draft next year.
  1. Rodrique Wright. Before every snap, Rhett Bomar is going to see Wright leaning in. OU’s center is out, and I expect Wright to wreck any and all plans the Sooners have for going up the middle. The linebackers might be more flashy, but Wright’s going to be the one getting it started for the defense.
  1. Mack Brown. Mack’s all about giving credit to other teams and coaches, but he deserves plenty himself. He’s been our personal whipping boy for far too long, and the Gatorade bath Mack will get after the game will be well overdue. I’ve written and said many mean things about Mack over the years (most Texas fans have as well), but when things click the way they are this year, the head coach deserves a lot of credit. From hiring stellar assistants (Robinson, Chizik), getting Greg Davis to open things up, and letting Vince take over the team, Mack’s earning his dough and making us proud.
  1. Vince Young. Even if Vince doesn’t complete a single pass or run for a single yard, he’s the most valuable part of our program. His attitude alone would make believers out of most, and everyone knows we haven’t exactly had much swagger against OU in the past five years. Of course, I expect Vince to have over 400 total yards and account for at least four touchdowns.

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Good arguments for all. I would swap Jamaal and Rod Wright. I think you under value what he has done for the team. Jamaal erased all questions about who to key on in the running game. Now teams have to pay attention to someone other than Vince, and it makes this offense ridiculously dangerous. Plus, he can catch the ball and block well. Give Mack props for actually playing the kid and avoiding the disaster that was the first few games of Cedric's freshman year.
I agree wholeheartedly with Eric. Charles is ridiculous and is going to be problematic for OU.
I think a Ramonce to Vince pass or some sort of variation between the two is really something to expect. Now that we are going in the favorite, I would not be surprised at all to see the coaches call a trick play like this, whereas they were too afraid and anxious to call something like this the last few years.
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