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Saturday, October 1


Third quarter observations

Texas 24, Missouri 13.

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What's with all the holding?
Pause that on your TiVo for a shot of Vince striking "the pose."
forget vince...i am saving that cute pic of TR that keeps popping up on my screen
Rushing game looks excellent. Special teams look excellent. The defense has found its footing. WOW!
Oh yeah! Ramonce is our Reggie Bush.
oh so now we get a review...i get it
Now they review the call
We are going to review this but didn't review our obvious TD earlier. This is impossible to determine. Unless you draw some vertical planes on your tv this can't be overturned.
Tanks may not fly, but Ramonce can.
Vince is going to have some amazing stats by the time this game is over. He's up to 154 yards and 2 TDs passing and 106 yards and 1 TD rushing, and it's very early in the thrid quarter.
there's the kickoff coverage we knnow and love
He does have the int
Think how VY's numbers would look with 4 TD passes (although one of those Carter MAY have been bobbled)
What do you know.... the OL penalties may be starting to equal out.
seriously, who said we needed a special teams coach?
If this keeps up, how many points are we going to score? 50? 60?
don't care how far he got...still not sold on ross as a returner....his first three steps are always backwards

The good teams are starting to dominate, Texas, Va Tech, and Mich State is coming back in another wild one.
It's nice to see us finally using RT today!
You guys realize that if USC loses (and we win this game as it looks like we will), we'll be a strong #1 tomorrow going into the OU game?
greg davis you make me work my pelvis
Now that baseball season is almost finished... it's time for Hank's Homies to move from the Ballpark to DKR and swap those Blalock jersey's for #37!
nothing matters until we leave dallas with a win....with OU's slump so far Texas can't afford any losses
...And USC is bound to lose, right T-Rich?
JG, order the USC game now on the DirecTV game plan and I'll be at your place in less than an hour. I really don't want to watch Nebraska/ISU.
The USC game should be a good one, but I don't think any of us predicted a loss for the Trojans. BTW, VA Tech should win today and Florida has yet to play.
greg davis....teach me art....history..geography.

you wanna be coach
F-ing PAT
How hard is it to make a damn extra point?
another missed PAT
We should just go for 2 every time
the fat melton is singing....it's over
Has anyone researched the record for most extra points missed in a season? As Wells mentioned after game one, we may challenge it.
you talk like a vagina...."as long as we beat ou"

...foxtrot uniform charlie kilo oscar uniform....
national missed pat champs 2005....yes i have waited years
Deal... now I just have to figure out how to get that game ordered.
I think it's time for a defensive or special teams TD. By the way, the 3rd quarter just started at Kyle Field and A&M leads Baylor 7-3, but Baylor could easily be up big.
If it makes us feel any better about our kicking game, Mich State just missed a 23 yd field goal to take their first lead of the game.
Vince, Charles and Taylor are a trio that I'll matchup with anyone nationwide.
i just wish jamaal charles was as heavily recruited as adrian peterson, because he would be getting a lot of attention right now, too
The announcer just said we need impressive wins. What would you call this?
Someone tell ABC we get Tech in Austin.
raymond mcgee?
If Vince so much complains as being thirsty, shut him down. This game is over.
It's like they've forgotten that we beat OSU. Neither USC or VT will have a comparable win by the end of the year.
Cmon Michigan! Watch those undefeated teams fall.
touchdown, baylor
Baylor just took the lead.
What up BAYLOR!!!
We have a solid win. But USC and VA Tech will have huge wins if they run the table. At Cal, at Notre Dame for SC. Miami at home and possibly FSU in the title game. That said, if we keep winning things will take care of themselves.
Are they really going to switch the Austin audience? I will be shocked.
Yall getting switched to the Michigan game too?
I still get UT.
False alarm. DFW's still with Texas, too.
brad smith has not looked good since the first quarter
houston is switching too...unreal
WTF ABC?!!!!!?????
i don't want to watch another fucking big 10 game
that is what sportscenter is for...now give me my horns!!!
Its only the 3rd quarter in College Statiosn, but is an A&M loss good for UT? I don't think so. We need wins against quality opponents not against a severly watered down Big 12 south. Go Aggies.
Wow, they switched the Austin feed too. Unbelievable
Now I am getting Mich-MSU.
now back to the UT game in Austin.
Me too. That didn't last long.
thank god...houston just got switched back to the horns....we gave em hell
Is Michigan about to score again?
Unbelievable.... ABC needs to get its shit together. Craig Way is on 660 AM in Dallas.... Apparently Charles fumbled through the end zone. I didn't see it, but I'm sure its a horseshit call.
that boy can dance!!!
Here's what we missed:

Rush by Pittman for 19 yards.
Pass to Pittman for 41 yards to the Missou 5.
Charles ruh for 5 yards, TD, but he fumbled out of the end zone. Touchback Missouri.
End of the 3rd. UT 37-13. Second straight shuout quarter for our defense.
a&m missed fg to tie
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