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Tuesday, October 4


A Tale of Two Eras

The Vince Young era hasn’t been all peaches and cream. His reign as king of the Texas football world has been a tale of two eras. It’s hard to remember, after some of the thrilling wins he’s led this team to, but Vince was decidedly mortal for the first part of last year. Everything changed, though, at half time of last year’s Oklahoma State game. After trailing by four touchdowns just before the half, the Texas offense, and Vince Young, broke free of their shackles and turned the offense into a new, higher, gear. Texas would score the next two hundred points in the game and wound up blowing out Oklahoma State. It was the birth of the new era.

It’s important to remember that last year’s Red River Shootout was played before Greg Davis and Vince Young revved things up. Oklahoma’s fans didn’t see the Vince Young that takes the field these days, unless, of course, they saw the Rose Bowl. He’s not the same player he was then. He’s the same great athlete, but he’s become the leader of this team in a way he wasn’t before the end of last year. He still makes mistakes, but he appears to learn from them, and he always seems to bounce back if he stumbles early in the game.

The one thing that makes one pause with concern about the OU game is the potential mental handicap we’ve had in this game. Vince Part I wasn’t mentally tough enough to beat OU last year, and if there were a game in which we were going to be upset this year, that mental edge OU’s had the last five years could be the one thing that tripped up Texas.

But just as the first Vince Young era ended against Oklahoma State last year, the Oklahoma mental edge over Texas ends this year in Dallas. This is the new era of Vince Young, and Texas football, and it’s the reason we will not lose. Long live the king.


I was at that game last year, and was actually considering leaving at the half. The touchdown before halftime to bring it to 35-14 kept me slightly intrigued, but it was actually the halftime show that kept me there. If anyone was there, they can attest to one of the greatest halftime shows of all-time. It was the Student Appreciation game, and for half-time the band played the the themes for Batman, Ninja Turtles, and even Mario Brothers (level 1-1 and 1-2!). What blew me away was when the formed the Batman, Superman, and Ninja Turtle logos at their respective songs, then made a huge Mario during the Mario theme. The flag corps came running at Mario with "fireball" flags, and the band forming Mario's legs moved so that Mario "jumped". No, not sports-related, but crazy entertaining.
I wonder how many people say they stayed at that game compared to the people who left it.
I had a party at my house and we didn't even have it on because we were losing, then the cell phones started ringing and everyone was watching and eating in my living room.
I think yall are talking about the game two years ago.

Last year, just before halftime OU kicked a field goal to take the most insurmountable 3-0 lead in the history of football. Our offense played that game with two hands tied behind its back.

My optimism for this game can only be halted by one man. I won't say his name, but his initials are G.D.
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