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Thursday, October 20


Take the points!

Sportsbook.com just posted odds on a Texas-USC Rose Bowl, and USC is a 6 and 1/2 point favorite.

Considering I think the Horns would win that matchup straight up, I'd be more interested in the money line.

Take this news with a grain of salt, though, since the same site has this to say about Texas' game this weekend:

From their press release:

In a battle of the undefeated, the 10th ranked Texas Tech Red Devils, 6-0, roll into Austin to battle the 2nd ranked Texas Longhorns, 6-0, for first place in the Big 12 South division. Sportsbook.com lists the Longhorns as -15 point favorites, but the Red Devils boast the highest scoring offense in the nation and will not be easy to beat. The Longhorns' 3rd ranked defense will be in tough against a Red Devils' passing attack that is logging 472.33 yards per game.

"Everyone will be watching the battle for Texas because of the huge implications it will have on the national championship picture", said Peter Childs, Oddsmaker, Sportsbook.com. "The Longhorns and Red Devils are apt to put on a high-scoring offensive display."

You have to watch out for those Red Devils.


Don't count out the Red Devils. They're an elusive, fiery bunch. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to prepare for a team that doesn't exist.
Are the Red Devils Duke's football team? On a serious note, how can anyone take this statement seriously when they don't even know Tech is the Red Raiders. Oh and Texas is going to win.

Tech's offense isn't anywhere near as advertised. They are the best offense in the nation because they played only 4 division 1 teams, and then they played a horrible nebraska team on the road down to the wire. Big deal, so texas tech drops 70 on indiana state. I think both teams are overrated, but Tech much more. This game isn't even close, Longhorns in a sick blowout.
your boat is about to sink. vy throws like a girl. he wouldn't even be playing college ball if he wasn't so athletic. he's like eric crouch, except crouch had a better arm.
"he wouldn't even be playing college ball if he wasn't so athletic."

Brilliant analysis, none of the players would be playing if they weren't so athletic.

Webster's definition of Athletic having the characteristics of a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.

So are you saying he is no good because he is highly skilled/trained in sports?
That is fucking hilarious. By the way, I am picking Texas to cover against Tech. We all know that Texas is going to score, but will our defense be able to shut them "down" (to under 6,000 yards). YES. Chizik is known for his zone blitzes which confuse the hell out of quarterbacks, not to mention Brian Robison coming off the end to supply the pressure. I am taking Texas -15 Fo Sho.

Iowa -3
Tennessee + 3.5
A&M -3.5
Oregon -9.5 LOCK OF THE YEAR!!!!

Hey Newbs those are all my picks. Smart man. I would also like to point out that this isn't the first year we have played Tech and they have had ludicrous offensive stats. I would like to think that whatever scheme Greg Robinson came up with last year against the Red Devils has been passed down to Chizik.
FYI the -15 Texas is looking better. Not a big surprise, but Charles is cleared to play:
whoa you can read a dictionary. congratulations. vy's throwing mechanics are terrible. i guess he could win a heisman. but so did eric crouch.
They don't give the heisman on mechanics dumb ass. They give it on results. Oh by the way, Vince is the 3rd highest pass effeciency quarterback in the nation. Where is Leinert? 8th. And Marcus Vick? 5th. The two above Vince are Drew Stanton (Michigan St) and Cody "over-rated" Hodges (Texas Tech). Both of which have lead feet. Stanton has been sacked 16 times, Hodges 15, Vince...8. (Vick has 15 sacks to his credit also). That's gonna add up.
Also, Here are the above mentioned quarterbacks rushing yards

Stanton: 127 yards
Hodges: 4 whole yards
Leinert: 22 yards
Vick: 267 yards
Vince: 413 yards

Really... You can't say he isn't the best quarterback in the country. Best player? You have an arguement with Bush. So the crap about VY not being a good quarterback is not only incorrect, but just plain stupid.
they don't give the heisman on stats either.
i can definitely say he isn't the best qb in the country. stats aren't everything. there's another guy with a heisman and two national championships. i think he's better.
Something worth mentioning on VY's mechanics:

In his book, Championship Football, the late D. X. Bible on passing: "If a player throws the ball freely and accurately, a coach should not be concerned with how he holds the ball. As with all things fundamental, results matter." (From Bill Little's column)

Read the book sometime, it'll enlighten you.

I'll let the NFL scouts and coaches worry about his throwing motion (hopefully after the 2006 season), but as long as he wins games for the Horns, then I could care less if he throws it underhand or sidearm.

The season's only half way done, VY, Leinert, and Bush all have ample time to state their Heisman cases and I see them as 1A, 1B, and 1C in the running so far.

Hook 'em Horns
"they don't give the heisman on stats either."

No? What do they give the heisman on? Who pulls the most poon? They give it on results dip shit. And last I checked, stats are results.
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