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Saturday, October 1


Second quarter observations

End of the first quarter: Texas 14, Missouri 13.

This is shaping up to be a wild game. Texas' D has been MIA. Haven't seen enough of the offense to make an evaluation.

MIA except for 2 turnovers for points.
I can't give them much credit for Brad Smith throwing the ball right to Aaron Harris. Charles looks great, though,
A&M takes a 7-3 lead over Baylor on 1-yard run by some huge RB named Javorskie Lane. Great name.
Both turnovers were caused by pressuing the QB, the fact he threw it up for grabs cant discount it was a turnover.
And WVU is within 17-14 against VaTech.
That is TD. Shoulder is down
WHAT??? How was that not a TD?
that was a touchdown
tell me instant replay works
If they review a play until you run the next one, why not take a timeout?
what a joke
Hindsight is 20/20, but I'd have kicked there.
Don't like the play call anyway. Spread them out and then run with VY.
Trav, there has to be something with vasoline going on.
Ok Wells, I'll lift the APB on the defense. It's here.
i've seen plenty of holds from missouri, too - where are those calls?
Nice fling.
jamaal charles has the best balance of any back i've seen in a long time
Great play. ESPN worthy. Another highlight for VY and Charles. We are certainly taking advantage of the turnovers.
Our WRs sure have to spin around a lot to catch passes from Vince. That probably has more to do with the placement of his passes than their routes. Whatever. As long as they hold on to the ball, it works for me.
Vick just tossed another TD. VaTech leads 24-14.
Baylor just fumbled on the A&M 5
Baylor was driving for the go-ahead TD but fumbled it away at the Aggie 5.
VY is in the process of mastering throwing while off balance. That is about four in a row.
is anyone else having tv reception problems?
Selvin looks so much bigger that he used to before getting hurt (and that's not a good thing).
No tv problems in Austin.

Our penalties are making this way harder than it needs to be.
J, no problems with my DirecTV.
was there another hold?
Off the subject, but how is the Redsox game not on National tv?
No, sack on a screen pass.
Deja vu, Kansas last year.
wow, just sprint down the field and VY will pick up the 3 and 30 by himself.
Yankees/BoSox game is on Fox national in DFW.
3-0 NYY in top of the first, Sheffield just hit a 2-run HR.
I think tomorrow's game is on ESPN Wells.
We get Stargate Alantis instead of the Redsox, Fez, who is from boston is freaking out.
I get Stargate as well in Austin.
That's 2 TD passes Vince has been robbed of. Hold on to the freakin' ball!
Thats twice, I want some butts.
Kick coverage has been fantastic. Maybe we don't need a special teams coach after all.
Atleast we haven't had special teams problems
Our special teams coach is earning his money today.
One more score before the half would be nice, since field position will be good.
NYY 3, Boston 2 end 1.
why do announcers love to talk about the "get back" coach so much?
Awful clock management.
Vince is pissed.
Poor to end the half. But considering, we are winning by 11 with mulitple penalties and turnovers. Not bad.
in all fairness, they blew the whistle awfully early on charles, when he was breaking that tackle.
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