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Tuesday, October 11


The Red River Massacre

Revenge is sweet indeed. Texas marched 80 yards on their first drive to take a 7-0 lead and never looked back, leading the rest of the game. It was a one-sided, dominant win, reminiscent of some of the massacres Oklahoma and Bob Stoops have handed the Horns over the now-obliterated five year losing streak.

Texas was better in every facet of the game, Vince Young continued his Heisman worthy season, and most importantly, Texas kept its national and conference title hopes alive, improving to 5-0.

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment from this game. The leaping touchdown by Ramonce Taylor started the onslaught and kept our confidence sky high. The long touchdown pass to Billy Pittman at the end of the half was a thrilling backbreaker. But here at ATL, it was our boy Jamaal Charles who provided the biggest highlight of them all, with an 80 yard touchdown run that was a microcosm of the larger triumph.

With 1:31 remaining in the first quarter, and Oklahoma hanging in the game 7-6, despite being largely outplayed, the freshman tailback from Port Arthur took a carry up the middle and med OU linebacker Zach Lattimer. The Sooner defensive coordinator, Mike Vernables, had thought Oklahoma could have success against Texas by forcing fumbles and he preached to his players to strip, strip, strip the football. Unfortunately for Vernables, he forgot to mention that tackling the Longhorns was the top priority. Unable to process two orders at once, Lattimer tried for the strip, Charles spun away and raced down the field for the 80 yard touchdown. It was a beautiful moment for Charles and for Texas. A breakdown by OU and a breakthrough for Texas.

If you’re here reading about the game, you no doubt saw what we saw, so we won’t go into everything all at once. For now, we’re relishing in this sweet victory and hopeful that it starts a long Texas winning streak. Much, much more coverage of this game, the national conference title picture, and the upcoming battle with Colorado all week here at All Things Longhorn.


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