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Saturday, October 29


No worries

In Vince We Trust.

bullshit, texas got exposed.
In Vince's clutch interceptions we trust.
Yes, in Vince I do trust. I think we're a little premature with the Texas got exposed comment though. If that's the case, everyone's been exposed. Every team has a bad game every now and then, but great teams find ways to win these games. The defense reverted back to it's normal self in the second half, and whoala, Texas wins the game easily.

The gives each of the Top 3 teams at least one escape apiece (VT @ NC State, USC @ ND and ASU, and Texas @ OSU). First place votes will likely be handed back to USC, and the Texas defense will need go back to the drawing board (nearly 900 yeads allowed last 2 games) to focus on playing a complete game. They'll get their chance in next week's scrimmage against Baylor. (improved yes, but only on defense) This should be an opportunity to work some kinks out cause the recent lack of defense worries me.

This should get the team's attention that they need to come out ready to play every week. Unfortunately, Texas was not ready to play this week and they'll pay for it in the polls.

Earth to the coaching staff, we are better than this and it's your job to get them ready for game day. I'm not calling for Mack's head yet, but this one is on his staff as a whole. We should feel very fortunate as Horns fans to even get a win. We can't even beat an average team with a first half like that.

That's enough of my venting, I'm gonna hit the Honolulu nightlife and party a little bit. Maybe it'll get some of the first half ugliness off my mind.

Hook 'em
Ok, let's get it on:

1 Did Texas have a bad first half? Yes. But if this was Texas' worst game of the season and the Horns still won with ease, that should tell you all you need to know about how great of a season Texas is having.

2. Yes, Texas was flat in the first hallf. Mistakes were made. It happens. This is not a video game. No one on the Texas sidline ever panicked, as I hope was the case with Texas fans. The better team won, and with ease (eventually).

3. Vince Young in amazing. We'll talk about this more this week, but when Texas needed a touchdown (first possession of the second half) Vince delivered in the way an MVP/Heisman winner does. There was no doubt in my mind that Texas was going to win following Vince's 80-yard run to start the third quarter. I guarantee the whole Texas team felt the same way.

4. Would I have felt better if Texas had jumped out to a 28-0 lead and cruised to victory? Of course. But I will say this. I never EVER feel out of a game with #10 at QB.

5. We're still undefeated and are still on pace to play in the Rose Bowl. Therefore, I have absolutley no complaints at this point of the season.

6. Hook 'em! Congrats Mack. Congrats Vince. Congrats assistant coaches. You all delivered, and we are proud of you. Four more wins and we're playing for it all.
Nice of you to take the positives out of this, since I had shelled out a lot of the negatives out of this week's game earlier. I just want to see the team improve from week to week, that's all. This will hopefully be another event that provides the team with another boost of mental toughness. (Didn't think VY needed anymore, but we'll take it.)

Vince Young is the undisputed MVP (note: MVP) of college football for a reason and tonight he showed why that's the case.

Hook 'em
Dear trolls,

If you spineless douche bags are going to come here and spew your weak shit talk, please have the balls to A) tell us who you root for and B) leave your name. Look, I undertand. You probably root for a lesser team, like Va Tech, and you don't want to open yourselves up to ridicule. You're scared of Texas and Vince Young so you take it out on this blog. Poor babies. Keep on hatin' and hoping for Texas to lose. It's going to be a long season for you people.
- Eric
Look asshole, yes the asshole who wrote above me. I root for USC and my name is Dario...bitch...The reason that Trojan fans are hating on Texas is because people are quick to criticize USC and are ready to hand Texas the #1 ranking in the polls. We'll probably be in Pasadena January 4th, and we aren't scared of Texas or whoever it is we play. We'll just beat whoever is put in front of us like we have the past 30 games.
Let's remember that even with some "minor" slip-ups or close calls, most of the voters in all the major polls have anoited USC #1 until they lose. Nothing else is going to take them from that spot, even a bad game.

At the beginning of the year, USC had been appointed national champs for the next @#$@%^$ decade. Despite the impressiveness of Texas's wins (not counting this weeks debacle, which has hurt us), we had maybe gotten an extra 1 or 2 votes per week. The debate is created in the media. Why is this, we ask? Well, the media lives to create contreversy, it's their freaking job. Both teams have played a bad 30 minutes of football this season.

The only way to settle this is to on the field. Don't be so quick to say USC is losing it's footing in the polls, cause they're not. The only thing the media is saying is that USC is capable of losing a football game and that they are not immune to losing. Personally, some of them don't know the the fuck they're talking about anyway (Exhibit A: Skip Bayless)

Speaking of VY clutch interceptions, when was the last time he threw one in the second half of a game? I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think he's done that once all year. Not to mention his TD-Int ratio (16 TD-8 Int) is much improved from last year (12-11). Let's add the 8 TDs on the ground as well.

If you guys want to come out here and diss the Horns, at least do so when you have your damn facts straight.

Hook 'em

Big mistake, you pissed off Dario.
this comment is for eric. First off, no one is scared of Texas, in fact, I think Mack Brown shat himself at halftime yesterday. Second, How can you call Virginia Tech a lesser team? They will have accomplished a lot more when the season is done than Texas would have. And it would be an awful shame if an undefeated team from the ACC got left out over the underachieving Big 12. Don't you get scared ,Eric, when Texas A&M loses by double digits to Iowa State killing off valuable BCS points. Next week's Tech game against Miami and future games against Virginia and Florida State might prove to knock you off your stupid horse. And you know what I am tired of? When people say quality wins for Texas, what do Longhorns spew out right away...Ohio State. Texas was a dropped pass away from a loss, don't make it sound like you dominated. And listen you assclown, I root for USC and I think there is a legitimate case for the number 2 team in the country...I repeat NUMBER 2 team in the country. That is something Texas has yet to prove. So don't discount an exceptional Virginia Tech team because in my "troll" opinion, their defense is better than Texas and their quarterback is arguably more skilled than that running back you have a QB.

Jo_Blo (rooting for USC and whatever else Eric requires of me to debate on this discussion board, dick)
Virginia is not good. They lost to UNC. Florida St is and average team who lost to a lesser team, in VA, and almost did it again at home against Maryland, who is also not a good team. After next week, if VA Tech beats Miami, then they can start bitching about being number 3, and can continue bitching until after Jan 4th, because until Texas or USC loses that is where they will be. Sucks for you, we all want a playoff. Maybe you can get a split poll.
What is up with the "Running Back QB" thing? I understand he runs the ball, but his passing numbers are also as good as anyone in the country. I sure hope that Carroll is as dumb as you are, stack the line on Jan 4 to stop our Running back QB and watch him throw all over your shoddy pac-10 defense.
Texas won a close one at the Horseshoe. USC won a close one at ND. They were both a play away from losing, but they didn't. That's what championship teams do, WIN. Other than those two games, neither team has played a real quality team. Va Tech hasn't beat anyone either. End of story.

And is it just me or are all these trolls still in junior high?
Get the internet in schools they say. It will help the kid learn they say.
Why in the hell do so many USC fans hate the thought of a USC-Texas Rose bowl and instead are rooting for VTech?
Besides the universal answer to a "why would a USC fan?" (because they are idiots), I am suspicious that they are afraid of Texas. Unlike Texas fans, USC just wants to cake walk it in to their National title game. Anyone who has seriously watched college football this season knows that Texas is on most accounts a top 2 team. Thank God the voters recognize this. USC doesn't want a top 2 team, they want second Tier and an unproven Vick qb to come into a national title game and get crushed like his bro did against the Criminoles.
So go ahead Trojans, keep up your Texas bashing, its halloween season and we know your scared, but despite all your blathering otherwise we will see you in January.
NOTES: UCLA has proven they are not a real game on USC's remaining schedule. Stanford lost to a 1AA team this year at home - and lost handily to them. UCLA had to have the most amazing comeback I have ever heard of in OT to win. PAC 10 SUCKS!
coming from the big12, the pac10 sucks comment is hilarious....
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