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Wednesday, October 5


More Jamaal love

Peter's got a partner on the Jamaal Charles love boat, Houston Chronicle columnist John Lopez.

Here's the conclusion of Lopez' column today:

The difference between then and now, the reason the Longhorns have gone from a team that could beat the Sooners to one that will beat the Sooners is the next great thing.

Jamaal Charles has made the decision for Brown. Maybe he won't start, but Charles figures to put his name next to all those who burst onto the national stage at the State Fairgrounds.

Because at least at this stage of his career, he's better than Benson.

He's faster. He has moves that are more elusive. And more important on days like Saturday, he protects the ball, is a better receiver and has learned how to block.

"He's answered the bell," Brown said. "He's picking up blitzes better than any freshman that I can remember that we've ever had. To say that he has surprised us is probably an understatement, just because he's so much further along."

Brown is clearly more confident in what this team can do than most any other he's taken to Dallas.

The pressure to win has only gotten greater, but he seems at ease — because of quarterback Vince Young's leadership and an outstanding, stifling defense.

And because of Charles, the true freshman from Port Arthur Memorial.

The Sooners have made a living in this series stuffing the run. The Sooners force fumbles and hammer back after back.

Charles is impressed but unintimidated.

With a calm demeanor complementing his talent, he has become the last ingredient necessary to beat back the monster that haunts UT fortunes in this series.

"This game don't scare me," Charles said.

For the great ones about to be unveiled, it never does.


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