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Monday, October 3


Mack Smack

Here are a couple of quick hits from Mack Brown’s press conference today. The full transcript is available here. Mack's quotes are in italics. My comments follow.

Whoa, Nellie.

They are pulling Keith Jackson from the west coast to come in and do the game, because he wanted to do it because he has done so many 100th games across the country and he has done so many of the Texas versus OU games that this would be fun for him.

I’ll be in the stands, so I won’t get to hear Keith’s voice, but he’s definitely the voice of college football. Even if ESPN Gameday doesn’t want to be in Dallas, Keith knows this is THE game this week.

This game

It should be an exciting time, it's always a great game, it's the reason I personally came to Texas -- to coach in games like this.

And the reason we brought you here was to win games like this. Now let’s do it!

Jordan Shipley

He did pull a hamstring, which is a new injury because his knee was what was hurting before. He re-injured it two weeks ago, the Thursday before Ohio State and what happens is that with his knee injury it usually takes about a year and a half to get well and he is so competitive that he was working so hard to get back, we are not sure that he didn't go too fast. We are trying to slow him down right now and make sure that he gets well before he continues to play. So he didn't practice last week and we are not sure what he will do this week, but they are putting him through a battery of tests and until he is 100 percent with no pain we are not going to allow him to practice again. We have to make sure that he handles all of these tests properly instead of putting himself in a positions saying he is well, but he is limping a little bit and he is not well.

In summary – don’t count on seeing Shipley suit up this season.

Being judged by the OU game

It really doesn't matter, it bothered me four or five years ago and I get judged on different things by different people and if this is the one they are judging me on, I haven't done very good. You don't need motivation to coach in any game, especially this one. I wish they would judge me by some of the ones we won all the time.

Mack likes to say the only big games at Texas are the ones you lose. I think big games are there ones that you need to win to either get a conference title or win to get into position to play for a conference title. This is one we have to win to get to Houston on Dec. 3, regardless of how much we hate OU.


I read in the Statesman today that OU's starting senior center will not be playing Saturday. He is one of the few decent players on their line. Supposedly AD will play despite the High Ankle. I personally want him to play so we can teach that punk a lesson. His reason for not coming to Texas was he wanted to play for a National championship. Well he did get to play for one (probably his last), and it must not have been too fun.

Seems like Chizik makes some pretty decent adjustments. Rice and Mizzu both started with some nice runs with the option working consistently. Then 2nd quarter rolls around and it's all UT D. The weird thing about it is that I don't think either team was showing us a new scheme or anything. The option is Rice's bread and butter, and as far as I know Mizzu was running the same offense it has used for Brad Smith the last 3 years.

Have we thrown one deep ball down the sideline this year? We have had some deep crossing routes, but I can't recall us spreading the deep pass along the lines. I think the deep ball is an integral part of an offense even if it only works 15% of the time (Vince should also consider putting some more air under the ball - our receivers have proven to me they know how to go up and get it).

Does anyone know much about this new OU "Wishbone Shotgun" they ran agains KSU with success? I unfortunately didn't watch the OU KSU game. My guess is that it kind of looks like UT's formation but with 2 backs more often and more misdirection. WFU runs something similar - it is for teams with a lot less talent especially in line play. That sort of offense relies more on trickeration and deception than power and skill. Apparently Bomar can kind of run - and I am guessing a mobile quarterback is also necessary for this new offense. If it works at all against our defense I am going to have to give credit to the OU coaching staff for being creative and working with what little talent they have.
I originally brought up the record for missed extra points (i was one point off predicting the rice score...). Give it where it's due.
BEAT OU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If it is in fact a high ankle sprain, you dont come back after just one week. Linemen can do it, running backs cant.

Also, Keith Jackson sucks. He's way past his prime. I'll acknowledge that he used to be superior to everyone, but now he's just a crazy bat and has to be bailed out by Fouts. That said, KJ is still better than Musberger.
Holt, the catch at OSU was a deep sideline, if you consider 25 yards deep. We have thrown a couple more. I think they will open it up if they need to, but when every run gains 5 yards it is hard to call anything else.
I don't count 25 yards as a deep sideline. I had a feeling someone was going to bring that play up. You can't stretch a D inside your opponents 30.
Where is the fake field with the passing distribution when you need it.
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