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Saturday, October 1


Longhorns Gameday

Good morning everyone. Let's get this thing rolling.

Earlier this morning, the ESPN Gameday guys talked about the Nike Maxsight lenses our players are wearing this season. For more info on these, read this article in the Statesman. I'm sure the ABC guys will talk about this during the game.

Oh, and Corso said the Horns are going to lose to either OU, Texas Tech or A&M. Whatever. Hopefully Gameday will be in Dallas next weekend and we can let Corso know what we think of him in person.

But back to Missouri. Kickoff is less that 30 minutes away. If you're here with us, thanks for participating. Say hello in the comments below and let us know where you're supporting the Horns from.

- TR, in Denton, Texas


I'm here with you from my not so comfortable couch in Austin.

And to be honest, I am getting nervous about this game. Our defense has been unbelievable all year, but I think we face a difficult task with Smith and the Tigers. This game is going to be very close.
Just saw Gary Pinkel on the FSN pregame show. He said the reason Missouri lost last year in Austin was they didn't finish.
Are there a better jobs than Corso's and Herbstreit's?
My three-TV living room setup allows me to monitor two other games while I watch the Horns. Right now I've got on WVU-VaTech and Indiana-Wisconsin, until A&M-Baylor starts in 30 minutes. Wish I had access to watch Michigan-MSU, though.
No Musburger? Gary Thorne, the voice of the NHL instead. Interesting.
Yeah, and Thorne just said, "You may be looking at the Heisman Trophy winner" as they showed Vince Young walking in. Wow.
Hey, this is Wells from DC, is any one else as hung over as me?
the big man checking in on things from houston.....here for the second half
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