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Wednesday, October 5


Inside the Numbers: Red River Rivalry Edition

5—Number of times Texas has entered the Shootout ranked #2 nationally

5—Number of victories over OU in those games

1—Number of Big 12 regular season losses by Texas against non-OU opponent since 2000 (Tech, 2002)

2—Number of Division 1-A teams with 10 wins the last four seasons (Texas and Oklahoma)

82—Consecutive weeks Texas has been ranked in the AP Poll (#2 on the list behind Miami with 94)

22—Consecutive weeks Texas has been ranked in the Top 10

11—Current Texas winning streak

1—Current Oklahoma winning streak

35—Big 12 victories for Texas since 2000

37—Big 12 victories for Oklahoma since 2000

99—Times the teams have met in the Red River Shootout. This year is the 100th meeting.

6—Consecutive years Texas has finished ranked in the final BCS standings (only team to do so)

0—Conference championships won by Mack Brown in his career

Beat OU!!


Non-partisan Dallas resident here. My loyalties lie in the SEC.

Anyway, interesting stats - nice for media guides and press clippings. It's refreshing to see a Horn fan include the one that's most important at the end of the day - 0 conference championships (in any league at any level) by teams Mack Brown has been head coach. It's not every Horn fan that doesn't stop after spewing all of the other stuff.

U of Tx should win. Vince Young is just so dominant, and carefree in a good sense that he doesn't let misplays on individual plays bother him, that I think he's the difference this year that U of Tx has been missing. He may mess up but he'll come back the next play and act like nothing happened. If MACK leaves him alone, then I'd expect the Horns will win something like 38-13.

As a neutral observer, it'd probably be more entertaining if OU won - just to see/hear all the hand wringing from Horn fans, and to see old Mack running his hands through his hair at the press conference about how he lost another one in spite of his team being stocked with the best players in America at every position. I wouldn't revel in the cockiness that is Bob Stoops, mind you - I don't wish good things on him either. Just seeing Mack beat down is fairly entertaining.
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