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Monday, October 31


Heisman Moment

Although not always the case, in many years the Heisman winner has what I call a "Heisman Moment," a signature play that is so great you cannot help but admit that player is the best in all the land.

Vince Young's 80-yard touchdown run against Oklahoma State qualifies as a "Heisman Moment."

The pump fake. The speed. The game-changing momentum created. The proof that he was by far the best player on the field at that moment.

I can't recall a moment like this for Matt Leinart last year, or Jason White the year before. But Eric Crouch's touchdown catch on the reverse pass against OU in 2001 qualifies. Charles Woodson's punt return. Desmond Howard's TD catch. The list goes on and on.

Had Vince struck the pose after reaching the end zone, it would not have been that inappropriate.

USC fans, please help me out here. Admittedly, I have not seen every second of every USC game, since I live in the Dallas market and I don't have ESPN Gameplan.

Does Reggie Bush have a moment like this? I've seen his awesome punt return, but did that change the game and alter USC's season? I know Bush dominated the USC-Notre Dame game, but Leinart stole some of his thunder at the end. Leinart's 4th-down pass was a "Heisman Moment," but everyone seems to have conceded the Trojans' #1 candidate is Bush, not Leinart.

In these eyes, and in many other across the nation, the Heisman is now Vince's to lose.


I would respectfully disagree on your assessment of Leinart not being a candidate... And that 4-th-and-9 pass will go on his resume for that.

Bush's punt return against UW will make the highlight reel. As would his 45 yard TD run vs. Notre Dame with 5 minutes left in the 4th to go ahead... And his 34-yard go-ahead run against Arizona State... His TD reception against Oregon to put USC on the board (and don't forget the one-handed catch for like 60 yards which was overturned somehow but makes good highlight tape)... His 76 yard TD run against Arkansas to open up the game.

So yeah, Reggie has had more than his fair share of game-changing performances.
I definitely think Leinart is a candidate, perhaps even more deserving than Bush. I was just saying it seems like everyone is hyping Reggie Bush right now instead.
you are the biggest hommer I have ever seen. You have UCLA at number 2 and Stanford in the top 25. You need to get out of LA, the city has corupted your mind.
Reggie Bush's game against Notre Dame puts him in the driver's seat. 3 TD's, 160 yards rushing, 265 all purpose yards. An away game in the most hostile of environments. "The Bush Push". Not one Signature play, a bunch of them.

Not to mention that Bush gets to make his case, again, on December 3rd against UCLA. Ballots are due the 6th.

Wells... Don't get me started about homerism if you're voting for UT with their schedule!

Of the unbeaten teams, I believe USC could beat the other 4. I think UCLA matches well against Alabama, Texas and USC's weaknesses and could capitalize on any VaTech mistakes. I think Alabama's stingy defense would give the others fits...but that they may not fare so well against a Pac-Ten style offense... But those are my thoughts.

Stanford, I included to give credit for pulling their season together. It was them or Oklahoma...then I remembered just how bad the Big XII is.
TR, do yourself a favor and get espn gameplan and watch every second of a USC game, for that matter watch some West Coast football. No doubt, Vince Young had some great plays this season, the pump fake on saturday was sick, but even most UT fans can admit that Bush is just a way better player and has the highlight reel to back it up. You probably never saw it, but Reggie Bush's 60 yard catch against Arizona State which was wrongly called back after the instant replay was a game changing play. When you watch Bush live, you stand up because you don't know whats going to happen. Jo_Blo
I don't know where Pac10 people get they right, saying Pac10 football is better than Big XII football. Is it because of USC's dominance over OU in the Orange Bowl? That I'll give credit for, but let's not go too far ahead and say USC represents Pac10 football. Maybe it's UCLA's amazing win over OU. Except TCU beat them before UCLA, so that can't be it. If that is what we're basing it on, the WAC is also a stronger conference than the Big XII.

Are we forgetting Cal getting all pissy because they got kept out of the Rose Bowl last year? Then what did Cal do? Bitch and moan and get spanked deservingly by Texas Tech.

What I'm saying is the Boi from Troy is ridiculous for saying UCLA stands a chance against UT or VaTech. I doubt UCLA even believes that. When UCLA faces a true defense capable of literally punching them in the mouth, I think our boi will change his mind.
If you wanted to help out the big 12 with another vote, how about Colorado, who has only lost to Miami and UT.
Alabama needs a offence, UCLA needs a d-fence. They needed a 14 points in the last 7 minutes to tie Stanford. The reason you put them up their is to try to bolster your arguement the the Pac 10 a strong lead. In reality they have 2 teams with amazing offences and average defences. The rest are just as much junk as the big 12's bottom 8.
"The rest are just as much junk as the big 12's bottom 8."

One-loss Oregon = junk?

Two-loss Cal (even though they lost their starting QB)

We'd be able to know just how good the Big XII was if y'all stopped scheduling North Texas, Louisiana Monroe, Rice, etc. You'd think it was the SEC!
In response to one of the comments above, Mack Brown sucked his way to last year's Rose Bowl, even people I know from UT admit it and were embarassed by it. Cal didn't want to play in the Holiday Bowl and it showed. Tech beat a Cal team that didn't give 2 shits about the holiday bowl. Do you actually think a 1 loss Cal team that gave USC the scare of its life would really lose like that to Texas Tech...Cal never showed up, they were to pissed off to leave Berkely. And for the record, they deserved to be in the Rose Bowl.
Cal's Holiday performance kinda reminds me of...Texas a year earlier!
Well then is shows what spoiled babies you're raising out there in California. A team with any nuts would show up and whoop their opponent to show the world they got screwed. But the Cal pansies were apparently too sad so they decided they didn't want to play. Waaaaaa. A real team would show heart and step up. Instead they got beat by Tech and proved the Rose Bowl officials were right to take Texas.
Holiday Bowl, December 30, 2003:

Washington St 28, Texas 20.

It was very convenient of you to forget about that. The problem is that Big 12 fans are just as bad as USC fans...homerism at its best. Cal lost in a letdown game, Texas lost in a letdown game the year before. So all of you shut up and stop using that as an example of the level of play in the Pac-10 (especially since this year is 2005, not 2003 or 2004).
And I unfortunately wasted money on going to that Holiday Bowl in 2003. Ugh.

Tonight, my halloween costume is the Texas sweatshirt I bought for that game with a nametag which says, "Colley Matrix"...the biggest Longhorn homers of them all!
Wells is spot on, Anonymous. One loss oregon and two loss cal ARE junk, just like the bottom 8 of the big 12.

Both of those teams OOC schedule are:
- Sacramento State (2-7) Div-IAA
- Illinois (2-6) Currently enjoying a 6 game losing streak
- New Mexico State (0-8) Currently enjoying an 8 game losing streak this season
- Houston (4-3) UTEP scored more on U of H than Oregon did
- Montana (6-2) Div I-AA
- Fresno St (6-1) In a squeaker 37-34

This isnt a defense of the Big 12, this is evidence that perhaps the Pac 10s ranked teams are a touch overrated.
First, V.Y.'s pump fake was sick and his speed on that 80 run was amazing! He definately put himself in the thick of the Heisman race, if not at the top with that performance Saturday night.

Second, before you bash the Sooners too much, understand that while they are down this season, the three teams they lost two have a combined one loss on the season. There are better examples of why the Big 12 is down this year. A&M and pick a team from the north would make a much better argument.

Third, the PAC-10 does have two undefeated teams, but does anyone really believe that UCLA is the real deal? I said this during one of the blog poll round table discussions and I'll say it again. From top to bottom I'll take the Big 12 over the Pac 10. For that matter I'll take the ACC and SEC over the Pac 10. Don't forget Stanford, whom Boi has ranked in his top 25, has a loss to a division II school.
Actually, I believe UCLA *is* the real deal...

They looked better against SDSU than Ohio State and better against Rice than t.u.
to the Anonymous aggie above, please define "better."

If by score, then you may have a point.

Lets compare the two games you mentioned.


Ohio State beat them 27-6
UCLA beat them 44-21

To me, it looks like UCLA let them score a lot of points. Lets look at the stats.

UCLA was outgained in total yards 402 to 349. Read that again... SDSU gained over 400 yards on them. They had less first downs than SDSU, 23-16. The key stat, as always, SDSU threw two interceptions.

Ohio State on the other hand held SDSU to 3, count em, 1-2-3 first downs and 179 total yards. SDSU rushed for 13 yards. thirteen? Are you kidding me?

You want me to go to the Rice game? Fine.

UCLA 63 - Rice 21
Texas 51 - Rice 10

Sure, I guess a 42 point differential is "better" than 41 points.

Rice scored its first points against UCLA at the 11 minute mark. Against Texas, Rice didnt put numbers on the scoreboard until 5:49 in the third quarter.

First downs,
Texas 24, Rice 12.
UCLA 23, Rice 16

Since Rice is a Rushing team, lets see how they fared:
Against Texas, Rice rushed for 110 (100 yards below their avg)
Against UCLA, Rice rushed for 192 (20 yards below avg)

With apologies to Ranjit because I respect his opinion, UCLA is *not* the real deal.
Let's not worry about UCLA, they'll have their chance against USC to determine whether or not they are for real. We all know a loss in that game sends them straight to the Holiday Bowl for a likely rematch with Oklahoma, unless OU beats TTU, then we'd have a game I'd love to see.

TOA, love your in depth comparison above, it clearly demonstrates that UCLA is overrated. That pathetic defense will give up at least 50 (hell, maybe 70) to USC on Dec. 3rd. Of course, I'm smelling an upset from ASU as well, but they've played like crap recently too.

The only real question surrounding that game is how much UCLA manages to score. I see this game as an evalution of how good USC's defense really is, even though it played very well this week against a very good offensive football team in WSU. We'll see if they can keep it up on that side of the ball.

Hook 'em
I am a fan of the big 12...and historically...especially in the last several years...they have been amongst the top of the conferences...way above the pac-10...however...this year the big 12 is pretty suspect...but even with that...i don't take anything from the horns because they are the real deal...the horns played a decent game against ohio state offensively, definitely not to their potential though...the defense however played spectacular...is it not amazing that ohio states average starting position was in their own territory and they still loss...come on now...if you can't respect that then you are disrespecting college football...the horns are the real deal and they should contiue to show dominance all the way through janurary 4th 2006.
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