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Saturday, October 1


Halftime analysis

Texas 24, Missouri 13.

I'm furious we didn't try to add to the lead with 52 seconds and two timeouts remaining, but an 11-point lead on the road is still a good first half.

Vince is playing like a Heisman candidate, Charles sure doesn't look like a freshman, and Brad Smith has mostly been held in check.

Well the Bill Bennett school of broadcasting was in full effect.
The announcers said about the two black qb's that it looked like they might have bacon grease on their hands.
Notice the Pork reference about the black folks.
I hadn't thought about that. I think that's awful if they meant something by that.
that's an extreme stretch - you can't be serious
i don't thing we didn't try to add to the lead. vince looked downfield and then came off to someone in the flat and neither got out of bounds.

you've got to cut your losses sometime and with 11 seconds at your own 27, that's a pretty good time to do it
I didnt mean that they meant something by it. It is just pretty funny when you think about it. If they had said fried chicken juice then I would have a problem.
i didn't realize that pork was a reference to black people
Yeah, Us brothers love our pork.
Here are some halftime stats:

Team Stat Comparison
Texas Missouri
1st Downs 10 16
3rd down eff. 2-5 5-8
4th down eff. 0-1 0-0
Total Yards 226 195
Passing 114 110
Comp-Att 9-15 10-18
Yards per pass 7.6 6.1
Rushing 112 85
Rushing Attempts 18 28
Yards per rush 6.2 3.0
Penalties 9-70 2-10
Turnovers 1 3
Fumbles lost 0 2
Int. thrown 1 1
Possession 13:36 16:19
Vince: 9/15/1, 114 yards, 1 TD passing; 10-69 yards, 1 TD rushing
there is no way they can overturn this, so let's see what happens
my question is how do they not review carter's catch in the corner
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