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Sunday, October 16



''I used all 200 pounds of my body to push Matt in,'' said Bush.


UT sucks donkey dick, So does TExas TEch, don't use Texas TEch as a quality win this weekend. Check out the Sagarin ratings and notice UT and TExas Tech's strength of schedule and USC's.
(http://www.usatoday.com/sports/sagarin/fbt05.htm) USC won fair and square in one of the greatest games ever while you beat Barnett and the weak ass overrated Buffs. Choke UT please.
Sorry I know I posted this on the other blog story, but I felt it belonged in a spot where more USC fans could see it.

To all the USC Fans:
I can understand how us pointing out a bad call in your victory against ND may be upsetting. There are have been numerous questionable calls in big games since the first big game. (A financially painful recent one was the 2003 Miami Pass Interference against OSU).

However, that doesn't mean that you should actually think that Texas is a terrible team, or that Texans are stupid or whatever lameness you were able to come up with. It just shows your extremely biased ignorance. Dat's just ignoran. Nobody on this site said you guys were a terrible football team; it was just implied that we should be the #1 team, and you guys around 2-5. Which however irrelevant it may be, has got to be expected rhetoric from a blog covering the #2 team.

With that said I got to see the last 1:00 of your ND game as I was passing a tailgate on my way from UT's drubbing of Colorado. Even though I believe that last 10 seconds were extremely questionable, I was surprised at my content with the result.

You see, I realized as I was watching us lay the wood to CU and do as we pleased on both sides of the ball -that I was watching the best team in the country (we could have put up 70 points on them if we had wanted. If we had passed every down with the option of a Vince scramble they would have been helpless to stop it - I know none of you watched that game so you will have to take my word for it(Not: I DVRed your ND game and have watched it). You guys are really good and a 28 game win streak in many minds deserves a number 1 ranking, but just being really good doesn't necessarily make you the best.

Our CU asskicking was not a fluke against a terrible team - we are actually unbelievably good this year. Our defense is incredibly coached, fast and experienced. We have the next Reggie Bush (which is my way of giving Reggie Bush props), our quarterback is a freak of athleticism, and most importantly our offensive line dominates. We are NOT one dimensional. I am sure you will see the scores from the rest of our season, and I guarantee you it will be utter domination (and if you think that our Big 12 schedule is all that much weaker than your Pac 10 than you are delusional. Sure you trounced OU but does no one remember TTech (third in Big 12 South) trounced Cal (#2 in Pac 10 - you remember your nailbiter against them?) in their home bowl).

So I realized that I want UT's National championship year to come against whom most everyone percieves as the best team of recent years. I don't want to play VTech. I say bring on USC, and the only chance of an USC 2006 Rose Bowl victory is if UGA, AL, or VT run the table and UTs strength of schedule holds us back.

So USC please win out. I want to fly to sunny LA this January to revel in your notorious hollywood superficiality for a couple of days, and then watch Vince Young run circles around your beloved Trojans (he can pass too). Nothing sounds more fun than dancing down sunset blvd. until sunrise with my horns held high basking in the glory of another UT National Championship. So ship the sherbert - HOOK'EM HORNS!

Holt, I almost feel like you wrote that first retarded response just so you could write the second one.

Both were fucking brilliant.

Travis, let the play go. If ND was a real top 10 team, they wouldnt have let USC convert on 4th an 9, much less let them go for 61 on it.

We will play USC in the Rose Bowl and it will be a damn fine game.
I have let the play go. Of course it shouldn't have come down to that. I just felt like I should point out the obvious, especially when Bush admitted he did it. (Hmmm, that's an odd phrase I never thought I'd type ...)

I am now USC's biggest fan. I cannot wait for them to blow their chance at history at home against Texas in the Rose Bowl.
I feel like this kind of play happens all the time in college football, noticed or not. I am more inclined to be upset at a bad call than a missed call. Sometimes to go undefeated you have to be both good AND lucky. I would like to share the sentiments of everyone else here to see a Texas vs. USC Rose Bowl, except for the fact that USC plays my beloved Bruins on December 3. Whether or not UCLA beats USC, I'll still be rooting hard for Texas every week.
It's only cheating if you get caught. That's the Mantra here in DC. But, I still hate 'em!!

Hook 'Em

A USC running back getting away with murder? Surely this has never happened before...

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