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Tuesday, October 11


Greg Davis: Genius Edition, Part 1

Greg Davis, your time has come. After five years of criticism, from us and just about everyone else, your big day has arrived. You had an excellent game plan for Oklahoma, your players were extraordinarily well prepared, and they executed everything brilliantly. You deserve as much praise for this win as you’ve deserved in years’ past for terrible losses.

The first drive of the game was a sensational mix of passing and running that exploited every weakness in the Oklahoma defense, culminating in an exciting touchdown pass to Ramonce Taylor, who we’ve been hoping you’d use more. You showed no sign of being wary of your freshmen, and you were justly rewarded by Charles’ long touchdown run. With under a minute to go in the first half and Texas up 17-6, you could have easily been conservative and taken the lead into the half; instead you took a chance down the field to Billy Pittman and were rewarded with a 64 yard touchdown completion.

You understood that Texas needed to be effective passing the ball against Oklahoma, and you trusted your quarterback and receivers to throw down the field, something you’ve been tentative about in previous big games. It was a brilliant game for the Texas offense, and as you deserve criticism when we have struggled, you deserve the praise when we excel. Congratulations to you, your staff, and the entire Texas offense. For the next 52 weeks, we are the proud ones. They are the humbled. May this be the beginning of many great things to come.


Dont forget the 5 wide, when they came out with that I had people yell "Run the Ball" (guess which side I was on), then we hit ramonce with an 11 yard strike on third and 10 and all of the fair weather fans who had been yelling for years to throw the ball and were now yelling to run it shut up. The offence showed great balance, using the pass to force Oklahoma to stop stacking the box (the first serise they had 8 in the box every time) and attacking a weak secondary. If Ramonce had been on page with Vince a little better, then a couple of those I thought you were running a flag, I thought you were throwing a post would have been touchdowns too.
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