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Tuesday, October 4


Gameday Breakdown: Quarterbacks

The Jason White era at Oklahoma is officially over, and none too soon for Texas fans. It wasn’t so long ago that we were celebrating the hit that took out Sooner quarterback Nate Hybl. That hit ushered in the Jason White era. Oops. One Heisman trophy and two conference titles later, and Texas fans are thrilled to see someone else behind center for OU.

That someone is Rhett Bomar, a highly recruited quarterback prospect from Grand Prairie, Texas that chose the Sooners over Florida State, Miami, Michigan and, yep, Texas. He checks in at 6’4” tall, 205 pounds, and is an excellent runner. His feet are ahead of his arm at this point. While he’s rushed 31 times for 185 yards, including two touchdowns, his passing has been lacking thus far. He’s completing 55% of his passes, with one touchdown against two interceptions.

He’s improving, though, and had his best game last week against Kansas State, when he both passed and rushed for a touchdown, with no interceptions thrown. As to be expected with freshmen, his learning curve is fairly steep. And while Sooner fans can take heart in Bomar’s steady improvement, his freshman status remains especially problematic this week.

For one thing, this is the toughest defense he will have faced in his young career. Gene Chizik has proven himself as an excellent schemer and will likely try to confuse Bomar with different looks. Texas will be keyed in on the Sooner rushing attack—both Peterson and Bomar—and test his ability to complete passes. The Texas secondary has been solid this year, though, so Bomar will need to be better than he has been so far if he’s to succeed.

That’s a tall order in a freshman’s first Red River Shootout. The magnitude of this game will probably clobber him over the head once he takes the field, and his ability to perform at a high level in such an intense game will be critical for OU. If Bomar can continue to take steps forward this week, he’ll do a lot towards improving Oklahoma’s chances of being competitive. If not, it could be a long day for the Sooner offense.

On the other side, there’s Vince Young, now playing in his third Red River Shootout. He’s light years ahead of Bomar, and, despite being mistake prone at times when he tries to do too much, is by far the better quarterback. We cover Vince pretty extensively here, so we won’t go into too much detail here.

Advantage: Significant Texas edge

Bean, comments I posted on the Rivals board. Any critics out there disagree with me?????

I was always on the firegreggdavis bandwagon, but think that he has opened up the field a lot, but there are a few things that he should be doing in my own opinion.

1. Stop running the fu**ing reverse with Taylor. Did you ever play high school football and know that the other team ran a trick play? How many times did you practice against it? A lot I bet. Westlake ran the fumblerooskie and we practiced about "staying home" more than we practiced for Drew Brees throwing it down our throats. We ran this play 2X during the OSU game. Oh, you didn't see it? That's because both times we had a fumble in the backfield. Vince on one and Jamaal's worst play of the year when he tried to pitch it to Taylor. Awful, just awful. Oh, by the way, I ran it back and OSU was ready to kill Taylor in the backfield even if he got it. If we run this play, it will be a waste.

2. S T R E T C H T H E F I E L D E A R L Y ! ! ! ! ! !
If you are going to be successful in running the shotgun spread, mainly your main play being the shotgun option, you have got to keep the defense's safeties honest. I don't care who we throw it to. I don't care if we complete it. I almost don't care if we throw an interception. Just throw the ball downfield on a "go" rout early so that those safeties will not creep up to an already crowded defensive front. We did not do this during the OSU game for sure, don't know about the others, but OSU was able to bring up their safeties and even if Charles or Vince got any daylight past the 8 in the box, there was another defender there already.


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