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Saturday, October 1


Fourth quarter observations

Texas 37, Missouri 13.

The Horns have dominated after the first quarter. If things hold up, this is a great win. Our highlights will be shown all day during the other games. Vince keeps pace in the Heisman race.

We're going to need to cut down on penalties and keep working on our kicking game, but I feel great overall.

Michigan may have just blown it. Anyone have that feed?
I got that on TV 2, it was an incomplete pass, but they didn't call it back.
Interesting story I hadn't heard. After last year's Missoui game, Bill Little showed Mack a quote from D.X. Bibles' book "Championship Football" regarding Vince's throwing motion.

Here's what it said:

Passing technique

Grip -- If a player throws the ball freely and accurately, his coach will not be worried about his method of holding it. As in the execution of other fundamentals, results count.

Since then Vince is 10-0 as a starter.

Regarding the Aggies: Always root for bad things to happen to A&M. Our program benefits every time the Aggies embarass themsevles. Losing to Baylor two years in a row is hilarious.
Are these guys talking about astrology?
Time for the starters to depart. Anyone else agree? OU next week.....

I think we should pull Vince. No need to risk an injury at this point. This better be his last drive. Nordgren can handoff just as well.
They didn't switch the feed in DC?
Cmon Carter. One more foot and Vince'd have another TD pass and he'd pass Vick in the player of the week race.
Carter hasn't been lucky around the end zone today.

That will be VY's last play today. No reason to risk anything.
We never had it, I have Gameplan, so it never swiches.
Baylor driving.....
Church, Wilson, NEWBY, Holt, and Towner say what's up fellas. Like this live chat...
NEWBS, welcome aboard. Be sure to check in during the week and fire some comments our way.
Melton = "Dump Truck" ...hilarious
Who is going to Dallas next week, I will be there.
Wells, if you get USC on gameplan, be sure to give us a report later on your observations on the Trojans. I'm stick scouting Iowa State.
damn... Baylor missed FG
I will try, verry hung over right now, may fall asleep.
NEWBS, are all you guys in Austin? If so any interest in poker during the week? Our regular game fell apart months ago.
Peter just called from a bar. Here's what he says:

1. J. Charles is Emmitt Smith.

2. I hope all you gambling addicts took my advice and bet the farm.

3. Hook'em Horns, see you Monday.

P.S. I nailed my LSAT.
Oh shit
are all college football announcers required to praise instant replay in spite of obvious shortcomings?
Me and J Mayer will be at the OU game. Jason's very close with someone who has VIP parking, so we'll be at the fair early and staying late to celebrate.
JSTUR, still down on Aaron Ross?
I am only in for weekend Wiggo. Holt wants your phone number. First return since Vasher era..
What about Ross now, jsturd?
still not sold on ross as a punt returner?
nope...his first step was forward that time....we can't all be right all the time
Mighigan game feed is on ESPN now.
Liked the comment from the announcers, "Texas looks like the #2 team in the country now."
Damn Michigan kicker! Wide right from 25 yards!
Give a ton of credit to Chizik. Our d was in some tough positions in the first quareter but has dominated since then.
Totally agree. It's like our coaches actually make adjustments now in games.

Good day for the Horns.
isn't that an uncatchable ball... he caught the freaking ball out of bounds? how is that PI?
bad call...ross for heisman
Who is the best team in the Big 12 north? After this performance, it can't be Missou. Iowa St? They nearly lost at Army. Colorado? CU is up 10-0 at half at Ok St.
I would go with Buffs, Iowa St maybe.
I agree...CU with Iowa St maybe sneaking in
Fez is perdicting another 2001.
Should have put in Major.
Good day for the Horns. Check the blog for analysis and predictions on Monday. Hook Em.
t-rich...give me a shout sometime...been nice
A & M is sooooooo lucky
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