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Saturday, October 1


First quarter observations

Post them below.

Maybe Chase Daneil should stay in at QB for Missouri.
Whoever had Texas scoring at 13:47 of the first quarter wins the pool.
So much for Peter's worries about Charles not starting.
Kick coverage is 2/2 inside the 20.
Travis, with your 3 TV update, be sure to let us know what is going on arround the Nation. No TV for Baseball?
That was a block in the back
As you just saw on the highlight of VaTech game, I think Marcus Vick is going to be a Heisman threat to Vince if the Hokies run the table.
I could see that, but not much hype about that yet. Do you think all of the PR the universities try to do actually helps in the end?
That was some pretty poor tackling on that drive.
When Missouri is running straight ahead, they look good. The trick plays nearly ruined a pretty solid drive.
14-0 Michigan.
10-0 VaTech.
I hope Ramonce has a break out game today.
Is there vasoline on the football?
VY looks nervous and confused. We need him to settle down and start running the ball.
I think I saw Mack with a can of WD/40 near a bag of footballs, if that's what you mean.
That story about Brad Smith gives new meaning to the term "anklebreaker" used in basketball.
These announcers suck... apparently Selvin Young is going to be a big factor today and David Pino is punting (was that really Pino?)
at least missouri is still insisting on throwing the ball
Baylor is running all over A&M on their first drive.
our ball.
Jason, I see what you mean about officials waiting to make calls becuase they know it will be replayed. Make a call!
I'm sure that will be reviewed... looked like he set the ball down before the knee hit.
Don't know if that is the right call. But we will take it. 3 turnovers and counting. Please run the ball .
That is better, screw passing.
There's an ESPN highlight for you.
If the ball hits, are you down?
If the ground causes the fumble before you are down, is it a fumble?
I love this story they've spun about the Mack/Vince meeting. But I wonder what really happened. Trust me when I say Mack embellishes things.
If just the ball is on the ground, then you are not down.
Baylor's up 3-0 and VaTech leads WVU 10-7.
damn, this game is sloppy
Michigan is about to lose their lead
the ball being down is not down

Mack?... Embellish???
Okay, Texas' defense can stop Ohio State, but plays like this vs. Mizzou?? What's the deal here?
160 yds for Missou in the first quarter.
The d has caused all of our points, so I would wait to call them out. The just need to make some adjustments.
Over/under was 60. Looks like we'll be way over that (parhaps b halftime).
Ha! Is that Richmond McGee kicking for Mizzou?
trust coach Chizek he will figure it out
Their chearleaders look like strippers.
that's actually their dance team
S. Young just missed the fake handoff. Charles?
Why didn't Mack use a timeout to help the reviewers?
Doesn't one ass = 1 foot as far as a complete pass???
sloppy, sloppy, sloppy
Is Rowdy from the Cowboys the Mizzou band director???... What's with all his waving?
VY is just sick. Period.
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