until Texas vs Kansas

Saturday, October 1


Final score

Texas 51, Missouri 20.

What a start to the Big 12 season. Texas improves to 4-0. Despite a slow start, the Horns never trailed and proved why they are the No. 2 ranked team in the nation.

More analysis to come in the coming days.

A & M is sooooo lucky
A&M sucks. They have officially become a non-factor in our season. I'm no more worried about that game than any other game on the schedule, and that's saying a lot. Pundits will try to hype that game as being a rivalry game and "throw the records out" and all that, but it's not true anymoe. They are not even on our level, not by a mile.
How about giving the current pickem leader some dap after his tough day? :)
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