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Tuesday, October 25


Dropping the Hammer: The Interview

No, we’re not talking about Tom Delay, folks. All Things Longhorn is pleased to bring you a brief interview with Warren St. John, author of the best-selling book, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania.

St. John is a reporter for The New York Times, author of Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, and a blogger about Alabama football and college football in general
. Besides being an outstanding writer, Warren is an astute observer and a rabid college football fan, dating back to his childhood watching Bear Bryant football teams.

To give him his full due, consider the following: Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, a book that chronicles the depth of college football fandom, is ranked the #1 book on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of “Best College Sports Books Ever.” For those that have read A Season on the Brink, you know that’s a high honor. You can read more about the book or purchase a copy here

Icing on the cake for us Horns fans: our beloved Major Applewhite is a huge fan of the book, and even provided an advance comment for the title. Applewhite said, “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer is a deeply intriguing and wildly entertaining observation of big time college football fans. It uncovers the often strange measures we true Orangebloods go to in supporting our 'Horns, and explains the bond we have with one another by simply flashing the hook'em.”

Warren St. John sat down with All Things Longhorn to answer a few questions.

ATL: Alabama is off to the first 7-0 start in some time. What's different about this year's team?

Warren St. John: Well from a fan's perspective, the most obvious difference is they're winning. Bama's been playing with a half a deck for a while, which hasn't helped. But I think the main reason they're winning is defense. It's not often that Bama holds Florida and Tennessee each to 3 points.

ATL: How much has the Prothro injury hurt the offense? Correspondingly, can they remain unbeaten without him?

WSJ: We're beginning to find out and it doesn't look good. The offense misses his sure hands badly. Unless some of Alabama's younger receivers step up, it's going to be hard to beat LSU and Auburn.

ATL: Have you had a chance to see Texas play this year? What is your opinion of the Horns?

WSJ: I have; watched the OU game in full, and have seen lots of highlights. I think Young is looking unstoppable right now. And the defense is playing big too. I'm a big fan of Mack Brown's.

ATL: The Downtown Athletic Club has invited you to vote in this year's Heisman trophy race? Who do you vote for, and why?

WSJ: It's unoriginal but I have to say Reggie Bush. He's one of the most phenomenal players I've ever seen.

ATL: The SEC's BCS representative will be?

WSJ: I think Bama is going to do it. They're playing in that weird zone where things just happen for them. And they're incredibly confident, but not cocky. If they drop one, it will still be cool to see the possibility of a Bama/ND or Bama/Penn State bowl game.

ATL: The national champion will be?

WSJ: This will sound like pandering, but I think it's the 'Horns year.

Best book I've read all year. Kinda made me a quasi-Bama fan for no reason.
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