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Wednesday, October 5


Bring it on, Bob

Bob Stoops is one arrogant dude. Granted, he's got every right to be, but all that changes on Saturday.

Check out this excerpt from a column in today's Dallas Morning News:

But there is something about the confidence Stoops displayed Tuesday which, as always, contained sort of a lovable level of condescension, that makes me consider the upset a possibility.

When one interrogator mentioned that the Texas-OU game in recent years had served as a springboard to Big 12 titles and national championship games, Stoops said, "For us, it has."

Everyone involved in this game is being too nice. I want to hear some trash talking. I want our guys to declare their intentions to give OU a taste of its own medicine and hang 60 on the scoreboard.

You know behind the scenes Stoops is badmouthing us to his players. I hope our team comes out with a chip on its shoulder and remembers the embarrassment OU has caused us.


The fact remains that I feel a little stupid trash talking when we haven't won in five years. I want a thrashing of OU so badly I can taste it.
Stoops has earned the right to be confident in this game. I think this is the year the streak ends for the Sooners, but if you had won five years in a row you would be beaming with confidence as well.
There really is no difference between Stoops saying that he is confident and Texas players saying they are going to run all day on the Sooners and they are going to "shock the world" with this victory.
TCU shocked the world. When you are a 14 point favorite it's not shocking to win. If the world is shocked Saturday it will be because the Sooners won #6 in a row.
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As someone who attended UCLA for undergrad and Texas for grad school, you can understand that during the National Championship game I was only rooting for the ground to open up and swallow everyone on the field. So since UCLA has shown that OU is beatable, I would just like to express my hope for this game with something they said in one of my favorite mid-day commercials for a nursing school: "WE DID IT! SO CAN YOU!"
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